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15-07-2005, 12:23
I'm building a 1500 point pure mortal undivided list for the Lustria campaign, and due to my restricted amount of models I decided on taking a mounted exalted champ, an aspiring champ, a l2 sorc, 5 chosen knights, two units of 15 warriors with halberd/shield, 5 marauder horsemen and a spawn.

Idea is that the warrior blocks advance through the center while my cavalry units go on one flank and my spawn covers the other.

I now have to make a choice: either give my standard bearer aspiring champ the banner of the Gods to make my warrior blovks stubborn, or make one of the warrior blocks Chosen...

Any suggestions on what I should pick? We don't allow for changing the set army, so i'm looking for what might be useful against all opponents.
The other players play Lizardmen, Skaven, Brets, DE and Dwarves...

15-07-2005, 14:24
You have picked a very unforgiving army to play Lustria with, but, I will try and help you out in your decision.

IMHO, the Banner of the Gods would be VERY good on him, but would make him even more expensive.

To upgrade one Warrior unit to chosen would only mean that you would have a higher Armoursave against Quicksand, which is not good, however, they would be beasts in CC.

One thing that I think you should consider above both of these is to use the Archaons Horde list and field a unit or two of Flayerkin for those 125 points, they can prove VERY useful due to the fact that they Scout, Skirmish and have two attacks at strength 4.

Or, instead of that, you could drop the Spawn and hire Mengil Manhides Manflayers for the points.

15-07-2005, 22:44
Yeah, I do realize that the high armour saves will make me quicksand-bait...but when I have to choose between a block of 16 CWs and a block of 20 marauders, I'll still go for the CW's...the marauders might survive the quicksand, but probably not the enemy behind it.

Because our playing group put importance in fluff, I decided not to go for Archaeon's Horde...would be silly fluff-wise to field an army that didn't exist yet...

Another reason not to go for Flayerkin/Mercs is that I've already spent a lot of cash on warhammer in the last month, and honestly can't afford to spend any more :D

i'll just make due with what I've got. Things could be worse....I could be packing blackpowder...or be the poor sap who has to take Brettonnians into Lustria :skull:

anyway, thanks for the input...I think I'll go for the banner and see where it takes me. Hopefully not a sandy grave...

17-07-2005, 13:45
Hrmm... no Flayerkin... let's see then...

Why not field a Beastherd instead?

Or Centigors (Centigors will be much more useful in Lustria than Marauder Horsemen or even Chaos Knights methinks)

20-07-2005, 03:09
Once again those sound like good options, but they're not the way I want to go. I don't own any beasts of chaos stuff, mainly because I simply don't like the models or the army. I like Chaos as an army of mighty armor-clad warriors flanked by unspeakable horrors. Somehow adding cattle to that mix doesn't work for me ;)
I know I'm denying myself options this way, but I do believe that any army in the game can be effective if used properly.
My main problem with Lustria is that, as a relatively new Chaos player, I simply don't really have enough models to make two really different armies. I'm normally a Tzeench player, and my 1500 point Undivided/Tzeench army packs quite a punch, but to give my 2nd army a different feel I have to leave my precious Screamers and spellcasting champions out. Therefore I'm basically trying to go 'all-mortal' with my 2nd army, kind of like Archaeons Horde. (damn i wish I could use that army list if it weren't so darn....un-fluffy).
Hence I wonder what would be a better choice...upgrading a CW unit to Chosen or adding the Banner of the Gods...Stubbornness can be great, but last game I played I saw how easily fear-causing enemies like Kroxigor can annihilate that advantage. On the other hand I don't want to lose a really expensive Chosen CW unit to quicksand....
See my dilemma?