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20-01-2007, 22:19
Greetings and thank you for taking the time to look at this log.
At the current moment I lack pictures of my army because I lack a camera...so if you came here expecting to see some tough luck. :p
Anywho, on with the details.
I began working on the layout for my Death Guard force not long ago. I've been studying the army and picking away the strengths and weaknesses and now I'm ready to actually begin working on the army. I won't be buying any metal plauge marines. Rather, I am converting all of them out of plastic chaos space marines and converting them with green stuff. Here is what I have bought so far.
-Four Chaos Space Marine box sets
-One Great Unclean One (non-forgeworld :cries:)
-One plastic Space Marines Dreadnaught box set
-One Defiler box set
-Five Nurgling Blister
-One Necrons Nightbringer (for a Demon Prince)
-One Fantasy Zombie Regiment box set
Now, here is the plan.
For my HQ I will be using a Demon Prince. I saw the Nightbringer model and decided that with some conversion work it would make for a great Death Guard Demon Prince. I'm going to give it wings, and a Man Reaper...but I don't know what I should use for it. I'm thinkin about using a tyranid scything talon and greenstuffing it too look like a kind of mechanical scythe arm. Other then that, I'm going to replace the head of the Nightbringer with a suitable skull and make him look a little more nurgliche.
The four Marine Box sets will be turned into four seven man Plauge Marine squads, and then I will have four marine models left over for extra. The marine squads will be equiped pretty much the same across the board. Two plasma guns and an unexpensive Aspiring Champion will keep the squads cheap and efficient. A sturdy core off Plauge Marines is my main objective, so I may be purchasing more in the near future.
The zombies are for two things. First is conversion bits. Second is for plauge bearers. The box comes with 20 models, as compared to the 10 that you get with the real plauge bearaer box set, for five bucks cheaper. That means I will be making a 14 man plauge bearer squad, with heavy green stuff conversions.
The Nurglings need little explination. You drill four holes in the base and then they get glued on... :D
The dreadnaught is going to be heavily modified and converted into a death guard dreadnaught. Using spare bits from the Defiler box set, and several bits from my bits box, I should be able to convert a suitable dreadnaught for my army.
The defiler will be constructed and modified slightly to fit the deathguard theme, not much else though.
The Great Unclean one will get a new head because one one it comes with lacks serious personallity. All the other Greater Demons have some sense of character to them...but the Great unclean one is just a blob with a hole in its face.
Thats all I have for now. I'm hoping I can get a camera to take some pictures in the near future. Until then, questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.