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21-01-2007, 21:11
Hi everyone,

As I'm only 15 years old I have a lot of dreams :) one of them is to become a really good painter, maybe even a golden demon winner. That's why I'm starting this thread. So I could show you my work and you guys could give me advice to become a better painter.
My plan is to get pics on the net and show them to you now and then. I hope to do that ones a week or ones per two weeks. But I can tell you this is going to be a slow thread because I'm not a quick painter.

Here is a Swordman. The color scheme is from the Eastern State of Stirland. I took inspiration from the eavy metal team. Here's the link:


5 hours were needed to complete him! Now the other 9!



I bought them just to paint and that's really strange cause most of the time I buy things just to add them my armies.

Please tell me what you think!

gr, jostie

21-01-2007, 21:18
Can't deny to reply on a fellow countryman.. Looking good!
But the paint on the shield looks a tad thick.. And im not too sure about the orange feather, it would look better in red IMO.. But thats me..
Everybody knows the bond between orange and the dutch..
Or do they? :D

21-01-2007, 21:23
Looking really good! Wish I could paint like that when I was 15. Hell, wish I could paint like that now.
Any plans of making them into a full force?

21-01-2007, 21:25
I like it.
It have a clean look with good shades and highlights, the only complaint I have is that itīs hard to make out the color of the shoes.

And letīs hoppe that your project-log have more luck than mine (no replies at all).

18-03-2007, 23:10

Sorry for the long waiting but...

The first half of the unit of swordsmen is almost completed. yeah...almost...it's still WIP



I picked up the plan of making a army of Stirland. First I make a 500p army and than I see if I liked it and go further with it.(probably I will cause I saw some really sweet Ironguts here on Warseer that I want to copy :) )

Most of my armies are half painted and that's the reason why I'm not buying new models until the others are finished. So it's still a small force:
There's still a Warrior Priest to come. I still got him for my birthday(together with the rest of my 'army').

To do:
1 Finish the first 10 swordsmen.
2 Crossbowmen
3 Last 10 swordsmen

If this, and the warrior priest, is done I think I buy a box of Militia cause that fits in the theme of my Stirland force.

gr, Jos

PS: How can I get this thread in the Fantasy section?

19-03-2007, 07:22
lol you remind me so much of myself. I have the same thoughts and dreams except im 16. I'll most likely go to a GD soon. anyways I do have to say that your paint looks a little thick. make sure everytime you use a paint take it out of the pot and water it down even if you dont think it needs it. If these are just for table top then they look great. If not then you might want to have slower transitions on your colors. like slowly working from a light brown to bright yellow to white. Dont worry that your a slow painter because so am I. If you want more feedback then I would post this on coolminiornot.com. warseer isnt the greatest place for this kind of stuff.

19-03-2007, 08:54
Very nice looking work there. Also nice to see another Empire force that isn't Talabhiem. Look forward to seeing updates on here as it looks very promising so far.

19-03-2007, 15:44
@Erickhouse1: yeah, i could post it on cmon but I can't get on the site :confused: but thanks for comments :)

In the future I hope I can put the army in my store and play with it now and then so it's for show either as for play. And about the thick paint, when I put water to my paint it usually get way to wet and then it gets much harder to put it on the right spot but I'll try to get it cleaner next time :).

gr, Jos

12-04-2007, 21:47
Again: Update!

My first 10 swordsmen are finished:

Next up, 10 crossbowmen. 5 are almost ready for battle and the others are still WIP as you can see:
Close shot of a crossbowmen:

And last Friday I bought a Warrior Priest and I couldn't wait start painting him :) :

C&C appreciated.

gr, Jos

12-04-2007, 22:29
Those are really nice. The orange on those feathers really make the models pop.

12-04-2007, 22:33
warrior priest looks damn good, and the crossbow men look fantastic.. how did you paint the green ?

13-04-2007, 11:00
Thanks for the good reaction :)

The green is very simple done: Dark Angels Green, Snot Green and last Goblin Green. Just highlighting actually.

gr, Jos

13-04-2007, 11:04

I held off on a Stirland force because i didn't think the colours worked very well. Yours prove otherwise! Kudos!

15-05-2007, 18:53

More than a month has past and no update, but no update doesn't mean no painting!

This first pic is from the 5 last crossbowmen. They're almost finished.

Pic 2: 5 more swordsmen, but they're not yet totally finished.

A bit dark pic...I bought a box of militia and here are the first 5 WIP's.

The command group for the militia and my carry horse. I put him on two man-bases so I could game with it.

- finish all the WIP's
- 5 more swordsmen
- ...too far away to say

gr, Jos

15-05-2007, 19:17
looking very cool, the painting is very clear and crisp

i love the warrior priests face, its incredible