View Full Version : Board size

22-01-2007, 00:56
It seems we are restarting BFG in my neck of the woods and i'm thinking of "building" a gaming board (more like going to a DIY shop, have them cut it out and paint it black).

I was wondering what size i should go for a normal sized game (something between 1000 and 1500 points maximum) so there can be movement without it looking too crowded.

22-01-2007, 01:18
6 ft x 4 ft or 183 cm by 122 cm

01-02-2007, 17:58
I always prefer 4'x8' myself. Though I have 4 2'x4' boards that are mounted on tubs, for easy rearranging and storage solutions, and if you want 4 by 6 you just take one away and now have an extra coffee table for other game aids or whichever, or you can split it into 2 4'x4' tables, or even seperate all 4 to have painting areas or just flat surfaces for whichever when the table is not in use.