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22-01-2007, 04:44
alright, so here goes my first project log!

For starters I want to lay down some things that you, my lovely viewer, should know. As someone who has somewhat recently started playing 40k, and has just embarked on the modelling/painting journey, I'm afraid my skills are still very much lacking.

I dont have any Greenstuff, and so I wont be making any of those awesome conversions, and I'm afraid my highlighting/drybrushing skills are still underdeveloped so you probably wont see too interesting of paint jobs (at least not for a while).

So now that I've explained my situation, lets get on to the actual army. So far I have a good number of models, and spiffy new case to carry them in :D. I've decided to create an Eldar army based off of the Altansar fluff, but have decided to just forgo the given paint scheme and come up with my own. the scheme will be a base of Chaos Black, with Midnight Blue being the primary color (making a neat purple when done over the black). The secondary will be gore red, and all the parts that would ordinarily be Eldars extravagent gold and the like will instead be a more fitting boltgun metal (you'll see what I mean ;) )

Another note is that due to Altansars situation (i.e. being trapped in the Eye of Terror) I'm going to try and give them a really war-torn, scarred, mud n' blood spattered sort of look. So I cant post anything yet, but I will try and get a picture of all my unfinished models up, and will give you guys updates from here. If there are any suggestions about modelling/painting tips, especially related to this army, they would be really appreciated (although I may not take all suggestions, I definitely appreciate hearing them). So just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

22-01-2007, 10:04
Hm, this'll be interesting. Subscribed!


22-01-2007, 13:30
looking forward to seeing some battle-beaten Eldar miniatures! will be interested to see how you create the war-torn look :)

25-01-2007, 01:34
Allright, the photbucket acc is up and ready to go, and I got five pics to present to you guys! These pics arent like painted up models or anything. This is just the extent of the army so far. when I begin painting I'll take pics of fully done units. And by the way, if you would like to make a request as to what I should do next, give me a shout out. I want you all to experience my progress as a new painter rather than just have me put out a gallery of my crappy work lol. So feel free, and in the mean time just relax...





also, for anyone who wants to check out all of the pics by themselves, and not have to go through the entire forum, check the album on photobucket


26-01-2007, 05:31
ok so heres my first attempt at a farseer. here are two shots, they're pretty much the same, but just to give you options lol.



so I'm actually pretty proud of this one (I know its nothing glamorous) but I actually managed to figure out how to create depth in the cloak. I had tried to use the black wash, and to highlight the edges and folds, but it was starting to look pretty bad for a while there. So it turned out ok. :p

btw I know the pictures are relatively small and I cant make it any closer or else we'd lose focus, so if anyone knows how to work with digital cameras feel free to give a tip, or a website that helps those of us who are inept with cameras lol.

If anyone has suggestions or comments, let em rip, or if you guys have any sites you'd like to suggest those would be appreciated to! (I've already checked out the sites suggested in the MPT board)

26-01-2007, 05:46
Take white paper or card and make a little base to shoot on, so your backgrounds are light colored and the camera can focus on your model, not the figure case or whatever is in the background :)

Get a few lamps on the figure so its lit from multiple angles,and turn off the flash on your camera. Use macro mode (little flower). Dont use zoom, just shoot up close to the model. Use a tripod, or at least brace your camera on something...macro makes it very easy to blur a shot.

Hope that helped. The farseer looks pretty good, from what I can see.


26-01-2007, 05:57
sweet thank you man, I'll have to try that out next time. My friend just gave me a quick tip over the phone so I got a couple more shots that may be better. *stupid flower, macro, thing...*

I'll edit them onto the post above, if you guys want better pics.

*edit* well those are a little bit better

26-01-2007, 10:29
Hmm, that farseer looks rather well done from what i can see. I am looking forward to larger pictures. I agree that it will be interesting seeing a war torn eldar army as they always seem to be so bloody clean and proper. Anyway get to work that case is stocked out with minis that need painting!
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Moroseth Anaratharach
26-01-2007, 23:24
I look forward to slaughtering you this weekend/next weekend...
but the real pleasure will come from watching Gerow's nids fall apart in a hail of Plasma fire ^_^

03-04-2007, 13:32
From what I can see of those pics, your painting skills look quite good!
It will be interesting to see this army evolve. I will be starting an Eldar army just as a side project/do while im sick of the other armies thing, and I will be going for the blue/green scheme you seem to have, so yeah, keep it up!

17-11-2007, 18:45
I agree with the good painting skills although the red and purple scheme does'nt work. You should have a dark contrasting colour to the red like black or actually scorpion green works really good or you could try white which also works. OR you could choose to contrast the purple and use yellow, green, or orange. Tip is.. Look at the colour wheel and don't pick two major colours that are right next to each other. I think that you all would agree that only blue and purple wouldn't work

Also if you have read the white dwarf where it tells about spot colours you should try that and had made the gem on the head the same colour as the swords or maybe the sash

Everything else looks good to me