View Full Version : Do you use Pulse Carbines in Fire Warrior Squads?

22-01-2007, 12:29
If you do use Carbines in your squad/s what are your experinces with them.

22-01-2007, 12:39
Personally I don't, as I play Mech Tau so therereally isn't any advantage for me. However, I can see some advantage in giving them to foot infantry, especially Honour Guard.

22-01-2007, 12:39
Good in larger (7-12) squads, although they do tend to be dropped whenever I go for a five-man approach on Fire Warrior squads. Alright, it's my brother's Tau army along with 'counts-as' models, but it still works rules-wise. :D

Oh, I forgot; I don't play mechanised Tau - it's infantry backed up by Kroot, Vespid, Fast Support choices and the odd Broadside and other 'suits for me.


22-01-2007, 14:22
I don't, I want to optimise my firepower, and leave pinning to my pathfinders if I'm fightin a low LD army. (Markerlights and carbines go hand in hand)

Honour Guard: Maybe, but you need an Ethereal first. ;)

22-01-2007, 14:38
why swap a rapid fire S5 ap5 30" weapon with a S5 ap5 18" assault 1 weapon, just for the pinning? IMHO the best way to use firewarriors is either to stand still and fire at 30", or load 'em up in a 'fish, and FoF 'em to death.


John Vaughan
22-01-2007, 14:53
I only use them in battles against orks an' such with low Ld, which is useful for pinning them (as well as killing them) to prevent a turn or two of hopeless CC.

22-01-2007, 14:59
I still have 1:3 use pulse carbines.

Pinning almost never happens (but I enjoy the annoyance of having to roll for wounds seperatly and make checks).

The added distance when moving is nice as well.

But generally rapid-fire of the Pulse Rifle is superior.