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22-01-2007, 16:28
Yo all

today i had a game against the new empire with my WIP chaos force, and i allowed him to use Karl Franz and he was mounted on the classic deathclaw.

now, i was reading the rules and it suddenly struck me that maybe mounting Karl Franz on a monster is the wrong way to use him, he stikes me as being better on a horse or even unmounted in a unit of greatswords.

theory: points cost and general ship.... Karl Franz is by far the best general for the empire, with his LD 10 and 18 inches, combined with a BSB you have a nice reliable centre of the army, and with his runefang/hammer he can still murder units.

he's also cheaper unmounted, and arguably better defended as he is now in the middle of a large unit, and on a simple hosrse he has a 2+ armour save with a 4+ ward save

of course, you sacrefice flying movement and the close combat power of his mount.... but does he really need it?

for the record: i managed to kill deathclaw with a inresistable blue fire earliy on in the game, and Karl joined a unit of Greatswords where he became a real annoyance.

so, any ideas on how best to use Karl? My friend wants a rematch and we are both interested in what veterans consider on this topic

Von Wibble
22-01-2007, 16:40
To me the answer is that it depends on your playing style and intended role for Karl Franz.

If you just want a good general and a bolster to combat power in a defensive manner than unmounted could indeed be the better option. You get great Ld in your army and I can't see the greatswords budging. Also those points get you an extra unit.

But if you want to go aggressive (after all you did pay a lot of points for that runefang/ghal maraz), then a griffon/ dragon mounted lord plus a unit of inner circle knights will break through pretty much anything.

When I use high elves I like to use a griffon mounted lord often (I prefer an extra character to a dragon upgrade). He would typically charge in alongside a chariot and unit of cavalry and break through the nastiest looking enemy unit that wasn't stubborn/ unbreakable (if the general was in it so much the better).

What stops me from doing this with empire is the measly A3 of a general, and lack of empire chariots (war alter I suppose but thats 2 lords then). Karl Franz otoh can counter both weaknesses that empire have compared to high elves in this department.

So its up to you really. Depends whether you want to take the fight to them or just hold the line.

23-01-2007, 08:54
I think the dragon is a real good mount, but it takes the cost to 700, soo i rather go for warhorse, on foot could be good, but i want faster movement.

I only choose karl over kurt because it doesn´t get a ward save, kurt is a better fighter with laurels of victory witch i always use with the grand master.

23-01-2007, 11:23
I'd say put him on a horse and with a unit of 6 inner circle knights or 25 greatswords and charge him headlong into the enemy.

23-01-2007, 13:25
Yo all

today i had a game against the new empire with my WIP chaos force, and i allowed him to use Karl Franz and he was mounted on the classic deathclaw.

Way cool of you to allow your opponent to use Karl Franz.