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The Grand Wazoo
22-01-2007, 17:46
I've already committed to this army as I've ordered the models.. just wanted an opinion on it.

Doombull(General): Mark of Nurgle, Heavy Arm., Slaughterer's Blade 276p

Brayshaman: Level 2, Undivided, Braystaff, Powerstone, Dispel Scroll 166p

Brayshaman: Level 2, Undivided, Braystaff, Power Familiar 166p

4 Minotaurs: M.O. Nurgle, Light Arm., GW, Standard, Champ 261p

4 Minotaurs: (identical) 261p

4 Minotaurs: (identical) 261p

8 Warhounds 48p

8 Warhounds 48p

8 Warhounds 48p

4 Chaos Trolls 220p

3 Dragon Ogres: GW, Light Arm. 237p

46 models (or, well, 22 real models, the warhounds don't really count :p ) and 1992 points.

22-01-2007, 18:35
well since you already bought it i'll state it is...

challenging. Good luck, you'll need it

22-01-2007, 18:59
Rubbish, it will probably work quite well. Minotaurs hit like a ton of bricks, and with a 4+ save they're pretty durable as well. Compare it to an ogre army better suited for the task at hand.

I'd swap around a little on the warhound units, though. 8 in a unit strike me as a bit odd, since eight wide is very difficult to manage, and two times four is a bit redundant. I'd rather see them go in four units of 6.

Standard and champion on minotaurs is something I normally shun away from, but then again I get mine in other units, whereupon you don't have that choice. The banner is probably worth it's points (at least very close to being it), and the champion, while a bit expensive at first glance, is excellent for calling out challenges and stomping weak characters to a pulp. You could probably ditch the banner on one of the units though, if you need points for something else (more warhounds for example).

The Grand Wazoo
22-01-2007, 19:06
I'd swap around a little on the warhound units, though. 8 in a unit strike me as a bit odd, since eight wide is very difficult to manage, and two times four is a bit redundant. I'd rather see them go in four units of 6.

A minor technicality I guess, but still a valid point.. will find out soon enough what works best. :)

22-01-2007, 20:09
I would never equip your minotaurs with GW or at least not all of them. One could be good to function as "tin-openers" against knights and highly armored foes but otherwise it's just overkill against infantry, where an additional attack is certainly more worthwhile.

22-01-2007, 21:41
Actually, with all due respect that is completely wrong. Minotaurs win combats by one factor and one factor alone: Overkill. They won't outnumber the enemy and they have no ranks, so the only way to win combats for them is to rack up as much CR through kills as possible. And when it comes to racking up kills, 99% of the time great weapons are superior to additional handweapons. The exceptions are troops so ridicilously weak they'll be smashed aside anyway, such as warmachine crew and gnoblars.

The only time additional hand weapons could be beneficial, is in a combat you can't expect to win anyway, where hand weapons will allow the minotaurs to strike in initiative order in subsequent rounds. However, there are normally situations you don't want minotaurs in anyway, and with Nurgle minotaurs it's a toss-up, since striking last won't hurt them as much due to their armour save.

Brother Maynard
23-01-2007, 00:25
I might expect your Brayshaman to hang around a little longer if they had herds to hide in. Plus, why not give them Nurgle's blessing aswell? Plague magic has some awsome no armor saving spells to really put a hurt on your opponent.

23-01-2007, 04:32
A very challenging list. But well themed.

If you really wanted to be all monsters. I'd say you'd have to drop the shaman. If That's the case, you should go Khorne for the extra dispell scrolls.

The Grand Wazoo
23-01-2007, 04:56
Not making the shamans Nurgle is mostly a points decision, it costs a whopping 80 points for both of them. I have no idea where to cut the points in order to fit that in. That's two less Minotaurs and a couple of Warhounds.

And I'd rather have the 4+ armour save on the Minotaurs than a huge pile of dispel dice, which is why I've included the shamans for some spell defence. :)

23-01-2007, 22:16
Lone casters really aren't that big a liability anyway. Just play clever and hide them in a wood or whatever. Make it so hard to reach them, that by doing so your opponent has to spend disproportionate resources on it.