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Hrogoff the Destructor
23-01-2007, 07:24
On page 19 it says that when beastmen charge or are charged, use the "mob rule". I cannot find it in the big rule book (its the previous edition) or the Beasts of Chaos book. Where can I find it?

Secondly, how are attacks directed at Beast Herds given that their squads vary in toughness? Do enemies wound the squads based off the lower toughness?

Thanks for the help.

23-01-2007, 08:32
The mob rule, I think, is specified in the beast book. It means that characters and command group come in the front, followed by gors and lastly ungors.

And if you mean shooting attacks they are distributed as specified in the beast book. If in close combat the enemy must specifiy what he is hitting, and one are only able to strike one in base contact.

23-01-2007, 18:39
This question came up for me when my unit was charged by a pikeman unit. I had enough gors to fill the entire front flank and some characters in the front flank as well. The pikemen did something like 14 kills, but I only had 8 gors. Because he couldn't target the ungors initially, the 6 wounds he made were wasted.

But this seems a little unfair to the pikemen. An ungors stats are weaker than a gor and so those extra 6 wounds would have hit and killed the ungors as well. We played it either way and my beastherd broke in both situations.

I think the best way to organize what is going on is to think of the herd like two separate units. The gors fight and die first in combat, while the ungors die first in shooting. The only situations where you need to watch is when you might run out of ungors to die in shooting (so you need to role one dice at a time for wounding) and if the front rank has a mix of gors and ungors. Then you have to target each type. Otherwise, the gors die and the excess hits/wounds are wasted.

I don't really think this is fair for units like pikemen or uberkilly heros. But, you need to really watch the order of combat with these guys to get the intended result.

23-01-2007, 19:37
You donīt roll one die at a time when distribution shooting. You just distribute the shots on the ungors first. Say you have a unit with 6 ungors and 5 gors wich get 20 hits from arrow. First the ungors get 6 hits, then the gors get 5 hits. Then you have 9 hits left, 6 more to the ungors and the last 3 goes to gors.

27-01-2007, 09:36
I believe the "mob rule" is effectively the "raiders rule".
There had been this pre-Beastmen-army list before GW finally published the "Beasts of Chaos"-armybook. They just took the mob rule and renamed it to raiders rule (in the BoC armybook)...obviously they forgot to change the term on p19.