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15-07-2005, 21:24

Elector Count - Sword of power, Armour of Meteoric Iron.(with Swordsmen)

Warrior Priest - Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Barded Steed, Sigil of Sigmar

Wizard - Level 2, Dispel scroll, Doomfire Ring

Wizard - Level 2, Dispel scroll, Van Horstmann's Speculum


20 Halberdiers - Full Command Detatchment 1/2

15 Spearmen - Full Command

14 Swordsmen - Full Command

10 Handgunners Detatchment 3/4

1 = 10 Free Co
2 = 10 Free Co
3 = 5 Xbow men
4 = 5 Archers

8 I C Knights - Plate, Shield, Barded War Horse, B'stard Sword(counts as Lance)First Knight, Standard, Musician

8 Knights - Plate, Shield, Barded War Horse, Lance -
First Knight, Standard, Musician

1 Cannon

1 Mortar

5 Pistoliers - Marksman, Repeater Pistol

Grand Total 1994pts

There we go - it's for a tourney but I haven't :cheese: it up.......no doubt I'll wish I had later!!!

16-07-2005, 05:41
well, personally halberdiers are inferior infantry compared to swordsmen and spearmen. Drop the halberdiers and beef up both swordsmen units to 20 if at all possible, if you want to be cheesy give a unit 2 detachments of swordsmen and the griffon standard, the unit can't persue but the detachments can :evilgrin: , free company dont make good detachments i find because they die to easily, swordsmen are a much better choice.

drop the archers, the only use i can see for them would be as huntsmen and that only for march blockers. Other then that i think the list is a good one, now :cheese: it out if you want :D

16-07-2005, 11:26
Halberdiers are good enough, and archers are handy for a skirmisher screen (if they actually kill someone it is a nice bonus).

That said, your swordsman and spearmen units are quite small - you could try upping the spearman unit into 20 strong unit, and splitting the swordsmen into two detachments to support that.

Knight Panther
16-07-2005, 18:35
What? no Helblaster? lol

16-07-2005, 19:37
Thanx guys - some food for thought..........

I have plenty painted up so could try a couple of those out.

One thing though - the question of Warrior Priests over Captains - which do you favour?

Muffin Man
16-07-2005, 22:16
Vampires, Skaven, and Chaos are some of the most popular armies at tourney's no? Righteous fury will serve you pretty well then, and don't forget to use soulfire, it's a very specific spell that people forget about.

If this was a take all comers list I probably would have just gone with the Captain myself, as you don't particularly need the extra dispel dice. And the extra points saved on the Captain actually can be useful to flesh out some infanty. On the other hand, with some other wizards you actually have a chance to get prayers off.

For you, I'd stick with the WP though, righteous fury will at least help you bash more stuff, my impression is that tourney's also tend to be magic heavy, so the extra DD is nice too. And I think it would be awesome if you beat some cheezer with some "lowly" prayer (soulfire devestating all the surrounding skellies of some VC's uber unit, leaving the vampire crumbing to CR might be too much to dream for, but hey...).

17-07-2005, 10:49
Muffin Man- I'm with you there. I think I'll stick with the WP.

17-07-2005, 19:26
Free compnay make excellent detachments. Yes they are fragile but they have the highest damage capacity of any melee detachment due to there 2 attacks each and they are dirt cheap. Swordsmen and spearmen make the best parent units and free company and halberdiers make the best melee detachments.

If you havent got the minis yet I would amalgamate the spearmen and swordsmen into 1 units of swordsmen and replace the halberdiers with swordsmen. Your parent units are meant to hold the enemy while your detachments erode there ranks and cause a couple of casualties. Swordsmen are by far the most survivable Empire state unit.

As to the captain/WP question that depends. The WP is better against 'dark'armies due to hatred and he aids your magic phase a bit. The captain is much cheaper, a better fighter and has better equipment options so is a better allrounder.

Personally I only have 1 wizard in my army and run a WP very similar to your own and a captain on a pegasus with a knight kit. It still needs to be tested yet though but from what I have read on this subject it seems to be a good combination.

Lord Kitchener
18-07-2005, 21:10
In a 2k army I like to take two units of archers, as a skirmish screen one each in front of a swordsmen unit and a mage beside each of theses units. If you give one of the mages the silver horn, you can rally those archers after you make your flee charge reactions, hopefully causing your apponents to fail a charge and leaving your swordsmen able to charge in your next turn. I use one level three mage and two at level two, recently I gave the level three lore of death and the other two get lores of fire and heavens. If you're playing against very shooty foes, then taking units of hangunners, crossbowmen, archers and units of six/seven knights all strung out in a nice line formation will really anoy an enemy general and give you a bit more lasterbility from those mighty war machines.

Martin K