View Full Version : thorek army...how to make it cheesier

the lord
23-01-2007, 18:38
will be going in for a no holds barred tournament at my local club...this is what I plan to take...

Thorek 505 pts

Runesmith with 3 runes of spellbreaking 150pts

10 quarellers 110pts

15 quarellers with shield e full command 205pts

10 thunderers 140pts

10 thunderers 140pts

Bolt thrower with Rune of penetrating, rune of skewering 100pts

Boltthrower with rune of penetrating 70pts

Bolthrower with engineer 60pts

Bolthrower with engineer 60pts

Organ Gun 120pts

Organ Gun 120pts

7 Slayers 77pts

10 moners with Charges 140pts

so what you all think?

The hair
23-01-2007, 19:04
I can just imagine it...

"OK sir, the enemy have a horrendous amount of long ranged death. Glorious, suicidal charge?"

"No, Gunther. Let's just sidle off the field and hope they don't notice us."