View Full Version : how do i play these two armies and win?

23-01-2007, 19:21
Okay im looking for any help i can get from deployment to tips to what to do :D

My army is von carsteins and includes:

von carstein count - great weapon, mount, aura (18" Ld), crown of damnation
von carstein thrall - hand weapon, hvy armour, shield, cursed book
necromancer - lvl 2 with dispel scroll
necromancer - lvl 2 with dispel scroll & book of arkhan
20 skeletons fully equiped
20 skeletons fully equiped
13 zombies
2x 10 ghouls
2x 5 dire wolfs
12 black knights fully equiped and with the banner of barrows (always hit 3+)
4 fell bats

My main opponents wood elf army:

lord on foot with great weapon light armour hail of doom arrow and some form of ward save
2 spellsingers each with lvl 2 and a dispel scroll, maybe an magic item in here
branchwraith with lvl 1 magic and usually a spite but i dont know which it varies
3x 10 glade guard fully equipped maybe magic banner
25 eternal guard
8 glade riders
12 dryads
6-10 wardancers

Thats from memory and his list doesnt vary much as he has just the models he needs and not much spare (apart from way too many characters;))

i wont leave all the work to you i think if i raise zombies turn 1 and use these as a archer screen. I then can once i get close enough with my general and knights charge them into his cavalry and my heavy cavalry should beat the crap out of his fast ones.

Then i got my bats to get round fast and take out whatever is loose.

one skeleton unit to hit the EG while the wolves take the flanks. Zombies should hold off the wardancers and i can use my ghouls in support