View Full Version : 2000 points of Imperial Cheese

23-01-2007, 19:50
Did this just to be an ass and bitch slap a friend of mine.

The Emporer on a dragon with the hammer
Level I with 2 scrolls
Level I with 2 scrolls
Arsinal the DOW Dragon lord

3 units of 10 handgunners each with champion and long rifle
2 cannons

and I still have points left over.

Fallen Scholar

23-01-2007, 20:32
I hope your friend plays a dwarf gunline, then you deserve one another ;)

23-01-2007, 21:14
Army? You call that an army! lol, silly dragons.

23-01-2007, 21:37
damn..... i dont think id even agree to play against that army ...

23-01-2007, 21:39
1: He is called Asarnil...

2: If he kills your dragons, you will lose. I can't wait to hear about how that game went...