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23-01-2007, 19:56
Arcmage (4th level, Jewel of Dusk, Ring of Fury, Guardian Phoenix, Lore of Beasts) (325 pt)
Mage (2nd level, Dispell Scroll, Silver Wand, Elven Steed, Barding, Lore of Shadow) (177 pt)
Commander (Swordmaster, Talisman of Protection, Heavy Armor) (124 pt)

Spearelves x23 (Champion, Standard Bearer) (277 pt) [arcmage goes here]
Archers x10 (120 pt)
Silver Helms x6 (Heavy Armor, Shield, Standard Bearer, Banner of Ellyrion) (167 pt)

Shadow Warriors x5 (75 pt)
Dragon Princes x5 (Standard Bearer, Champion, Banner of Sorcery) (216 pt)
Ellyrion Reavers x5 (Bows, Musician) (127 pt) [mage goes here]

White Lions x13 (Champion) (183 pt) [Commander goes here]
Repeater Bolt Thrower x2 (200 pt)

Point total: 1991 pt
Power Dice: 5 (Archmage) + 2 (Mage) + 2 (Pool) + 1-3 (Banner of Sorcery) = 10-12 + 1 Bound Spell
Dispel Dice: 5 + Scroll
Units: 9
Models: 71

Basic strategy should be marking the line with Spearelves and then hitting enemies with hard hitting units.

All three hard hitting units have quite good movement (Dragon Princes with 18" charge, Silver Helms with 16" + Banner of Ellyrion, White Lions with Woodsmen).

Strategy leans heavily on magic: Bear's Anger can almost double the output of Swordmaster Commander. Other intresting factor is using Steed of Shadows to put Commander into suprising battle. Possibility to get Wolf Hunts and Unseen Lurker can allow Cavalry units to make unexpected charges, if Bear's Anger and possible damage spells (Hunter's Spear and Crow's Feast) draw dispell dices.

Barring miscasts, there should be 5-6 spells attempted each magic phase (including the ring). Normal enemies would have to let 2-3 to get through if everything is cast succesfully.

23-01-2007, 22:41
I like the Swordmaster Commander. He's cheap for a High Elf, and deals out some good damage. In my last battle, he lead a unit of 17 Swordmasters, and did so well. His unit annihilated a unit of Hammerers, and the Commander killing blowed a Runelord. I don't know what the rule says about the great weapon and Bear's Anger, but that combo could be devestating.

23-01-2007, 23:03
I don't know what the rule says about the great weapon and Bear's Anger, but that combo could be devestating.
"He cannot wield a weapon nor use a shield while using this spell."

So why go for swordmaster?
Unless, ofcourse, the killing blow is also used when not fighting with the great weapon.

24-01-2007, 10:08
My understanding of the Swordmaster honour is that character has Killing Blow special ability with all close combat attacks, great weapon or otherwise. The honour just comes with great weapon.

I have thought about using Armor of Gods instead of Swordmaster (ST 7 attacks once Bear's Anger is cast), but since the item is not completely offical at the moment, I prefer to avoid it.

The swordmaster is also there in order to lessen my dependance on the getting Bear's Anger off. The fact is that spell is easily dispelled and once in the battle quite likely most important spell for enemy to get rid of, so the commander must be able to function also without the spell. On the other hand, since I am taking a US1 elven combat hero getting a spellcaster with Bear's Anger would seem like a natural choice.

I am quite concerned about the lores though. Beast have actually quite good spells (although I am not a big fan of Oxen Stands) and one could easily get spells that require enemy to use dispell dice and scrolls so that Bear's Anger can get off. Shadow on the other hand has only few good spells, so I would practically need Seer for the mage in order to generate sufficiently dangerous magic phase. And combination of Steed of Shadows and Bear's Anger might be too easy to take out, since one would need only dispell one of them to greatly dimish the effectiveness of the combination. Especially if the position of mages would require Bear's Anger to be cast first.

Perhaps giving the mage High Magic. With exception of Walk between Worlds all spells on the lore can pose a serious threat to enemy and warrant use of dispell dice. And with mage having 4 spells the magic phase could continue strong even if the archmage is eliminated (5-7 dices to use on casting).

24-01-2007, 10:14
If I put the mage on foot also and remove spears from the Reavers I would have sufficient points to give one of my mages Seer.

Which one should I choose?
Arcmage (Lore of Beasts) (4 spells)
- Bear's Anger
- Crow's Feast
- Hunter's Spear
- Wolf Hunts

Mage (High Magic) (3 spells + bonus)
- Drain Magic
- Curse of Arrow Attraction
- Fortune is Fickle
- Fury of Khaine

10th clancannach rangers
24-01-2007, 10:57
I would choose the archmage's spells, especially as it means you are sure to get wolf hunts which will be very useful as you have quite alot of cavalry

24-01-2007, 23:04
Whaaaaa? No Book of Hoeth? Blasphemy,

25-01-2007, 09:18
Taking Book of Hoeth could be intresting choice in this army, as it would give a quite good chance of actually getting Bear's Anger through. However, if I would take the book, I could just reduce the second mage into scroll caddy as enemy would (hopefully) have way too much dispell dice left to counter his spells.