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Green Feevah!
23-01-2007, 20:24
I recently inherited a dwarf army from a friend of mine. It's not a complete army (actually I think it's jusy two battle for skull pass sets and a battalion box). So here's what I have:

12 warriors with command (x2)
10 thunderers with command (x2)
8 miners with command (x2)
cannon and crew (x2)
2 dwarf lords
2 slayers
24 warriors on sprue (looks like 3 commands)
16 thunderers on sprue (looks like 2 commands)
canon or organ gun sprue set

So I've organized them into this list, but I'm wondering what should be changed nad what needs to be added.

2 dwarf thanes with hand weapon and shield
2 blocks of 19 warriors with full command (the thanes fill spot 20)
1 block of 10 longbeards
2 blocks of 10 thunderers
1 block of ten rangers
1 block of 15 miners with full command
2 cannons
1 organ gun

That's around 1400 points before runes items. I would also like to have a battle standard bearer, which I can probably convert from the thunderer commands.

So what does this army need to either add or change?

23-01-2007, 20:39
Obvious first guess would be to add some to the longbeards; 10 of them really isn't a whole lot. Quarellers might be another good addition, as well as a lord with oathstone.

In retrospect though, you may want to consider whether you want a theme for the list. For instance, an engineers' guild list would have more thunderers (and maybe one of those ***** flying contraptions), a slayer list would obviously need several additions, and so forth.

23-01-2007, 20:49
I would definitely look at getting another box of warriors. Warrior regiments are best at 25 (24 w/ character). At 20 strong it only takes one casualty before you lose your rank bonus and since Dwarves rely heavily on static CR this is a problem. The rest of the models from the box should be used to bulk out the longbeards (10 is far too few).

Definitely convert up a battle standard like you said. They are an absolute must!!! I would also look in to converting/buying a runesmith. The extra dispel die and a spellbreaker rune or two go a long way!

Other than that the list looks pretty solid. When you are ready to go up to 2000, I'd suggest getting a couple of Bolt Throwers with Engineers (they are cheap and amazing) and getting another combat unit; Ironbreakers are my favorite, but Hammerers, more warriors, or more longbeards will do in a pinch.

Finally, the Gyrocopter is unmatched in its versatility. March-blocking, destroying low toughness units, baiting and killing war machine crew... this baby does it all!

Green Feevah!
23-01-2007, 21:08
Well, I can drop longbeards all together and beef up the two warrior squads to 25... I was just going for a broad range of units. But thanks for the info, that really helps me with this list.

Okay, new list right now:

thane with great weapon and rune of stone
thane with great weapon and rune of stone
battle standard bearer
runesmith with runic talisman
2 X 24 warriors with full command (hw/shield)
15 thunderers with musician
15 rangers with throwing axes and musician
15 miners with full command with standard and musician
2 cannons
2 bolt throwers with engineers and runes of penetrating (1 has rune of fire too)
1 organ gun

1929 points! What should I add drop to make 2000?

23-01-2007, 22:34
You might want to give one of your thanes an axe with one/two runes of fury instead of a great weapon- extra attacks can help generate combat winning wounds and help you chew through your oppenents quicker. Dwarfs can be resilient but can take time to wear their opponent down.

24-01-2007, 03:02
You've got a strong base. What you add/drop will depend on your preferred play style. I like to have lots of main combat units, so I would

a) drop 5 thunderers (10 is enough)
b) drop one thane
c) use the extra points for a 3rd combat unit (you might have to drop the runes of penetrating or something else to make the points.

On the other hand, if you want to go more shooty, then I would say:

a) drop 5 thunderers (10 is still enought in one unit)
b) add a second unit of either thunderers or xbowmen

And there are a million other permutations. I would suggest taking what you have, playing a few 1500 point battles and based on how those go; work from there. It's important to develop the style that works best for you, since there are many valid options for Dwarfs.

Also, for all things Dwarf, take a look here.


Warseer is the BEST place for general Warhammer info, but sometimes race specific sites come in handy for nitty-gritty details.

Welcome to the Throng!

Green Feevah!
24-01-2007, 04:49
Thanks for the feedback, the biggest problem though, is I don't have a playing style for the dwarves yet. I've never played them. I've only ever played fantasy with my beloved greenskins... but when I got offered almost an entire army for next to nothing, I couldn't say no. So right now, I'm trying to asemble an armylist and get some ideas about how the army plays, then run some test games to see of dwarves are going to be 'my thing'.

Any6 tactical advice for what I've got. I don't really want to buy too much more, in case this turns out to be an army I don't enjoy playing.

01-02-2007, 16:34
I would suggest a few more warriors/longbeards with great weapons, a unit of slayers and 1 or 2 grudgethrowers.