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24-01-2007, 05:20
well i have loved the witch hunters since i first played one in my first warhammer related game which was hero quest

i love anything witch hunter related so when i got a 40k one for free with my white dwarf subscription i decided to convert him into a fantasy captain

so first thing i did was cover up the power pack on his back and the cords under his arm by giving him long flowing hair since he is so busy making ppl confess that he dosnt have time for a hair cut

so i cut off the power pistol and gave him a flintlock and then since it didnt have a right arm on the model i just gave him a free company sword arm

so here is an overview of what he looks like and i would like to know what you guys think i should name him i like wilhelm but i know other famouse characters in the game have that

overview vanhelsing with waist long black hair that flows under his arm in the left hand he has a pistol raised up and in the right arm he has a sword rdy to cut threw his enemies

24-01-2007, 06:02
Call him something like Richtus Draculius. Tie his history into some sort of Vampiric past or something. Maybe the blood of the count runs through his veins somehow...make him the anti-hero of sorts. Yes, I know, I know all this isn't to terribly original but you don't don't get extra points for coming up with a cool background in Warhammer so who cares. Actaully most GW gamers I gave come across think all the history and stuff is a waste of time. I dissagree. It gives your army a more personal feeling and makes it stand out from everyone elses which I geuss is why I love conversions so much! Good luck Bluesky322 and keep up the good work!

25-01-2007, 04:11
thx for the help i chose to name him johan since that seems like a witch hunters name i just finished him i wish i had a camera to show you all

i havnt thought of a history for him but im thinking he could be a captain or a warrior priest in my empire army