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15-07-2005, 23:05
this list needs to be versatile and will be playing greenskins and empire, both fairly magic-heavy

let me know what i can change to improve it
i have 6 ogre bulls to spice things up
and zombie pirates

warlord - great weapon, heavy armour, shield, foul pendant - 135 pts

2 warplock engineers - full upgrades, dispel scrolls - 220 pts
plague priest - plague censer, warpstone amulet - 111 pts

25 clanrats - full command, ratling gun - 210 pts
25 clanrats - full command, ratling gun - 210 pts
25 stormvermin - full command, war banner - 250 pts
2 rat swarms - 90 pts
2 x 20 slaves - 80 points
2 giant rat packs - 60 pts
13 night runners - nightleader - 65 pts

25 plague monks - 2nd hand weapon, full command, banner of burning hatred - 250 pts
9 gutter runners - 108 pts
5 jezzails - 100 pts
2 rat ogres - 100 pts


16-07-2005, 06:32
You may find that only 2 Giant Rat Packs may be a bit light and easy to go down. I usually use 4 in a unit.

13 NightRunners is fairly hard to maneuver around and can run away easily, you may wish to split them into a 6 & 7 squads, one for each flank.

I am told that Rat Ogres are better with 3. But mine have always been killed so I can't really help you there ;)

18-07-2005, 15:25
Take more small Night Runners units (5-6 models, 3-4 units, no Nightleaders) to protect your troops from shooting and those nasty fanatics ;)

Rat Ogres unit should be bigger (3-4 models). Jazzails are more reliable when there are 8-10 models in unit.

Consider taking Warp-lightning Cannon (I love it).

I wouldn't take stormvermins and Gutter Runners. I don't like them because they are too expensive. Skaven army should be cheap and fast. But the choice is yours :)

18-07-2005, 18:08
IMO I think that you can never go wrong with massed clanrats and for 2000 pts I think you could use another squad of them. I'd suggest dropping the Rat Swarms and the Giant Rats and a few Stormvermin. I agree with all the other suggestions especially sqri's suggestion of beefing up your Rat Ogres. Other than that pretty good list.