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Scribe Enzo
25-01-2007, 01:54
Hi folks. Couldn't resist it and bought myself some Empire kits today. Now, I don't want to buy any more models (I've spent too much money anyway) so this is what I have to work with:

1 Warrior Priest with 2 hand weapons, 30 state troops, 10 handgunners/crossbowmen, 5 pistoliers/outriders

Two lists then:

Warrior Priest: Heavy Armour, Extra Hammer 98pts

19 Halberdiers: Full command 115pts

Detatchment of 9 Swordsmen 54pts

12 Crossbowmen: Marksman 101

5 Outriders: Champion, Musician 129pts

Total: 497pts


Warrior Priest: As above 98pts

19 Swordsmen: Full command 139pts

Detatchment of 9 Halberdiers 45pts

10 Crossbowmen: Marksman 85pts

5 Outriders: As above 129pts

Total: 496pts

You see, I'm confused as to whether to have Halberdiers or Swordsmen as the main block. Part of me thinks halberdiers fit more with the empire background and the swordsmen should be in small groups, but am I just shooting myself in the foot? I suppose I could use Spearmen but I don't really like the models when armed that way. And in the first list would 10 handgunners with a repeater armed marksman be a better choice?

Another thing, what should I arm an Outrider Champion with? Repeater handgun, blunderbuss or a long rifle? The BS5 of the champion makes me consider the long rifle but maybe more repeaters shots are better. And should I even take Outriders over Pistoliers?!!

So many questions! I'm sorry, this is my first foray into Warhammer and I don't want to stick my soldiers together before I get some advice.

All help from you seasoned veterans would be much appreciated.