View Full Version : A very nice (imo) 2000pt dwarf throng

25-01-2007, 20:11
ok so here it is, i got tired of using the anvil so im using a lord instead, hope you like it and comment it please!

the idea is to cover a flank with all the shotting while marching forward with
the rest of the army, aided by the strollas rune


Dwarf Lord 206 Pts
General; Shieldbearers; Great Weapon;
Rune of Resistance, Rune of Stone

you guessed it, in the hammerer unit

Runesmith 151 Pts
Great Weapon; Shield
Rune of Spellbreaking (x3)

in the warrior unit, carrying 3 nice stones

Thane 145 Pts
Gromril Armour; Battle Standard
Strollaz's Rune

in the warrior unit, making my units very resilient in cc down

17 Longbeards 296 Pts
Great Weapon;full command
Rune of Battle
Rune of Stoicism

very hard to take down by themselves imo

19 Warriors 196 Pts
Shield; full command

with the 2 characters this is a heavy nut to crack

10 Quarrellers 110 Pts

basic shooting along the warmachines


Cannon 100 Pts
Rune of Reloading

Cannon 95 Pts
Rune of Burning

runes to get magical attacks

18 Hammerers 264 Pts
Shield; Full command

reroll panic at ld10, and ld9 stubborn break test, no more to say

15 Troll Slayers 177 Pts

flank holders or main battle unit if needed


Flame Cannon 140 Pts

Organ Gun 120 Pts

general use firepower

Dispel Pool: 5

Casting Pool: 2

Models in Army: 99

Total Army Cost: 2000