View Full Version : Looking for some modelling advice for my Slaaneshi Army

25-01-2007, 20:20
As it says, I'm currently revamping my Slaaneshi mortals. I have already converted 17 sisters repentia to plus three sisters of sigmar to be my marauders with great weapons, I am currently sculpting bras (and the parts that go underneath on a bunch of Kislev horse archers, who are now also wearing Amazon warrior heads, as my marauder horse-women. Now for the tricky part. I have a bunch of different knight legs, I have given considerable thought towards using ellyrian reaver legs (as they are already wearing skirts along with their armor, but I also have empire knight llegs available, old chaos knight legs, available, and could also afford to cut up winged lancers. The intent is to add the torsos from from five seraphin sisters of battle to the knight legs to give me some hard looking female chaos knights. I already know that I will have to shave off the tubes and cables from the sisters, and I have an assortment of marauder cloaks to cover up the jumppack mounts, and chaos gauntleted hands to do the weapons and shields. My question is, though, how would you all set about to do female chaos warriors? Sisters of battle just won't work because they're all sculpted to hold bolters or flamers. I had originally thought to do them like this (see attachment), but wasn't really happy with the outcome. So I ask you all, which knight legs do you think would look best, and what would you recomend as the base figures for 12 female chosen warriors of Slaanesh with hand weapons and shields?

26-01-2007, 03:43
Well, you could go for Witch Elves as warriors. Who's to say they have to wear "full plate" to get the effects of their heavy/chaos army. I mean, it is Chaos after all. Between looks (distracts an enemy), natural agility (Initiative), and the magic of chaos (enchanted/magical armor) I can see scantily clad women with a 5+ or 4+ armor save.

You could also go with Dark Elf harpies for furies, use the Dark Elf female beast master for chariot drivers, use the Dark Elf sorceress for a mage, and a Marathi for a Lord on Daemonic Steed. Also, between that and what you already have you're mostly have a Slaanesh/Dark Elf army to boot. (I was planning on doing this and have an all female army awhile back, but ended up spending my money on college instead :D ).

I hope that helps or at least gives you a couple ideas. Best of luck to you.