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25-01-2007, 22:48
Army list for critism. Thinking of building this list so posting it here to see if theres any major flaws. The idea for the army was a elite hard hitting army with maruders screening. Please have a look at my Lord not sure if he's worth all them points.

Lord-Barbed steed,Runesword,Armour of damnation- 324 (goes with chosen knights)
Sorcerer-Mos,scepture of domination,dispel scroll,LV2-190
Sorcerer-MoS,scepture of domination,dispel scroll,LV2-190
x2 12 warriors-shields,musicians-372
x2 5 knights-MoK-420
5 Chosen knights-225
Chariot of khorne-150
24 maruders-musician-125
TOTAL: 1966

Any idea on stuff I chould change or what I chould do with the remaining pts.
Comments and Critisism welcome. Thanks for any replies.

10th clancannach rangers
25-01-2007, 23:17
How do you get alevel 3 hero level sorcerer?

Also you have to ahve at least 1 slanesh unit to get any slanesh characters

25-01-2007, 23:27
How do you get alevel 3 hero level sorcerer?

Also you have to ahve at least 1 slanesh unit to get any slanesh characters

Agreed. I hope the level 3 was a mistake.
You're also still left with bonus points. You could use those to beef up your champion in the chariot.

Alternatively, it looks like the WoC + Marauders might get a little left behind.
Dropping one of the khornate knight units would free up a lot to fill the WoC ranks to 15 each and that extra marauder.

26-01-2007, 00:33
yeah, you need slaaneshi units to have slaaneshi characters and atm your exalted champion has to be your general to allow the marks of khorne on your knights and chariot.

also wouldn't bother giving a sorceror a 70pt magic sword, and only maybe the armour. he's there to cast spells, so give him something like the skull of katam (maybe with power stones). maybe also make him level 4 to give him some more dice to cast with.

with the points you save you could get a small pack of furies to try and take out some enemy warmachines.

or you could give one of the units of knights the banner of wrath, which is a pretty handy bound spell.

also could give the chosen knights he's riding with a champion to take any particularly scary challanges for him.

26-01-2007, 13:23
Here are a few things.

First the Unit of chose knights needs to have MoS if you are going to put the sorcerer in it. Second you need remove the MoK from the chariot if you intend to buy it for your General (which must have MoCU if you want to play this list). Third Loose the Marauders and the Chaos Warriors and Get 1 unit of 6 Mounted Daemonets, 5x6 War hounds and 2x5 Marauder Horsemen. that should smooth out your ranks for this list.

26-01-2007, 17:12
Well you have some mark mix ups if you want your general to be the Exalted sorceror. An easy fix is to make the general the exalted hero (both have ld 8).

The demon sword is very tough to use. If you think about the statistics. It should, on average, cause you about 0.9 wounds a combat round. Take this into account as you will need to take damage from other sources. Also, you may be find that you will suffer from doubts when to engage with your 400+ hero. He can't flee and can easily be lured into compromising positions. Charge too early, and you can be out of position and countercharged without the ability to flee. Charge too late and you will waste all those points.

As was said earlier, he is a casting machine. Don't pretend that he will do anything else.

26-01-2007, 20:48
Made some changes to the list. Got rid of my sorcerer for a lord and the champion for another sorcerer because I need more magic since my exalted sorcerer is gone. Any comments, is it any better?

26-01-2007, 21:30
Tour sorceror's are marked with Slaanesh but I don't see any units with that mark. Regardless I don't think you can have two sceptres anyway.

Not sure on the Lord, an exalted with some magic items is pretty good. Id only say Lord if you were Tzeentch.

Id decide on a Mark for the army too. Either go with Slaanesh or Khorne. It might just be me but Id rather have one god, undivided. Id say all, but that might be a little costly (I was going to put together an all warrior army with heroes and magic standards though, havent worked out the costs and I need some more heroes :p)

Depending on how the points work out a unit of warhounds might be nice for fanatics/baiting/screens/etc, or a spawn. I don't like deamons but a spawn is the one thing I will definately have once Ive sorted my other models. Its just to random and funny not to have :D

27-01-2007, 11:19
i'd give both the warrior units the mark of slaanesh and let the sorcerors go with them. i'd also drop the sceptre of domination as the spell it contains is rarely very useful. give them a powerstone each instead, or give one of them the skull of katam / power familiar. slaaneshi magic requires fairly high casting rolls so you're going to need to bolster their casting ability. a powerstone lets you use 5 dice for that spell you really need to get through.