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26-01-2007, 02:02
First, ignore my Skaven list! I know it looks like I am constantly putting up lists.. it's because I am. I faced, quite often a BoC force that obliterated me. I tried many different armies and was each time smashed. Fun games, still. BoC are a unique breed, their rules are interesting.

Anyway, what ya think?

Wargor (general)
Great weapon; Horn of the Great Hunt; Mark of Slaanesh; Chaos armor +10= 124

Wargor (ambusher)
Additional hand weapon; Crown of Horns; Mark of Slaanesh; Heavy armor= 118

Bray staff, Staff of Darkoth, Dispel scroll= 131

6 Gor, 6 Ungor; Foe render= 86 Ambusher
6 Gor, 6 Ungor; Foe render= 86 Ambusher
6 Gor, 6 Ungor; Foe render= 86 Ambusher
20 Slangor, Champion, Banner= 284
8 Gor, 8 Ungor, Foe render= 108
6 Gor, 6 Ungor; Foe render= 86
5 Warhounds= 30 Screen for big units
5 Warhounds= 30 Screen for big units

3 Chaos ogre with great weapon= 123
3 Minotaurs of Slaanesh, +add hand weapon= 152
3 Minotaurs of Slaanesh, +add hand weapon= 152

3 Dragon Ogres with Great weapons= 240

Total= 1836

26-01-2007, 17:28
Your shaman doesn't need a braystaff and the staff of darkoth. Use one or the other.

IIRC there are some limitations on the number of minotaurs you can take with a mark (also the probabilities work better with great weapons on your minotaurs than with extra hand weapons). What about some steed of slaanesh for a future project here. It would work really well in tandem with your ambushing.

Also, I find that the horn of the great hunt is a poor value for its points. I calculated the probability at one time and it only added about 10% to the probability of getting your unit where you want it to go. Those points can go in better spots.

I am always a fan of large point games with out mega heros and I like the approach here. Chaos MSU, in the hands of a trained general can be as devastating as any super cheese (SAD,RAF, 40K skink, etc..) type list.

The dragon ogres are becoming a fast favorite of mine. Definitely worth the points. They cost the same as 4 chosen chaos wariors with Standard, champion and warbanner (245). I think they can do more for their value (4 wounds).

Of course, ld will still be an issue with your herds. Be careful with your characters indeed. Besides, a champion has the same ld as your general. Wether the units are out on flanks or in ambush, you get the same ld.

26-01-2007, 20:33
Thanks! If I rid the Horn it allows for the guy to take more magical equip. Reading the book, it says any Minotaur unit may take a mark of Chaos. I was thinking between GW or 2hw with monster-cows. Thanks for the input; GW it is!