View Full Version : ogres as latd spawn

26-01-2007, 17:09
i realse ogres in latd are generally used as big mutants, but with lots of cybernetic conversion and servo arms would anybody have a problem with me using them as spawns because i dont like the big mutant rules?

26-01-2007, 17:20
I say go for it, as long as you make it clear with your opponent beforehand. Ogres would make interesting Spawn, just mess em up with GS/bitz/etc to make em chaosy and you're all set.

Lord Humongous
26-01-2007, 17:57
Sure, its a fine idea. The main difference is that big mutants are still largely humans and have stable mutations, while spawn are... less stable, and more "gifted". "Shredding skin" and "morphing mutations" shouldn't be to hard to do with green stuff if you want to play up that aspect in addition to the bionics, and would represent the "spawnish" aspect well. Fluff-wise, they could be servitors infected with the same "virus" responsible for obliterators.

26-01-2007, 21:24
I use rat ogres for my spawn infected with "the VIRUS".

28-01-2007, 10:23
do it if you wish to

28-01-2007, 19:28
Just remember to convert the hell out of them.