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27-01-2007, 13:18
This is the first list I've posted on warseer, I've not got everything I need for it yet, so far I've only got the character models and bestigors, I'll be getting the rest for my birthday. The army was created with an agressive feel, but also after losing several games recently to a high powered magical army which was not fun, I decided that going some way towards shutting down enemy magic is the key to defeating cheesed up magehammer armies.

I've been playing chaos since 3rd edition, so I've amassed a huge army, but my beasts have been somewhat neglected, I decided to remedy this.

here's my army


Mark of Khorne, Shield, Slaughterer's blade, Crown of Horns, Armour of Damnation - 238

Mark of Khorne, Heavy Armour, Shield, Great Weapon, The Dark Heart, Pelt of the Dark Young - 155

level 2, Braystaff, Goretooth, Chaos armour, Talisman of Protection - 166

level 2, Staff of Darkoth, Dispel Scroll - 160


Beast Herd - 8 Gor, 12 Ungor, Full Command - 139

Beast Herd - 8 Gor, 12 Ungor, Full Command - 139

17 bestigor - Mark of Khorne, Full Command, Banner of Rage - 329

6 warhounds - 36

6 warhounds - 36


4 Minotaurs - Mark of Khorne, Bloodkine, Standard Bearer, Great Weapons, Light Armour - 281

6 Centigor - Shields, Musician - 121

6 Centigor - Shields, Musician - 121


Bloodbeast of Khorne - 75

1996 points total

6 PD, 8 DD +1 scroll

the herds are there to provide some nice hitting power and flexibility, typically I'll use the beastlord in one, and the shaman with the staff of darkoth in the other, the other shaman will use steed of shadows to fly himself around, then cast bears anger on himself, he can take down light cavalry, skirmishers and war machine crew that way.

The bestigors have a charge of 11-13 inches, making them pretty quick, with the help of the hounds or centigors, they can even get the drop on some cavalry, led by the wargor, they are my main hammer unit

the minotaurs are my other main hammer unit, they are fast and very hard hitting, I gave them light armour as they might come up against plenty of bowfire, so it will help keep them alive that tiny bit longer.

The centigors are there for flanking, charge baiting and the like, they'll also be able to hunt down wood elves and the like hiding in the trees. They can also be used as a hammer unit if they charge carefully, with a bit of luck, 6 frenzied centigors slamming into the flank of even the toughest unit can be a headache!

the spawn is there because I wanted to use a spawn, being a bloodbeast makes him lethal against elves and other T3 armies, he can present a bit of a threat and maybe draw some missile fire away from the rest of my troops.


27-01-2007, 16:09
A very solid list.

Personally I'd ditch the Bloodkine, 20 points for 1 attack isn't worth it really. You could use those points and the 4 leftover to add more ungors to the beastherds to help get that Outnumber bonus since they don't quite have the same CR as normal ranked units.

I imagine you're shaman with Goretooth isn't taking the Beasts lore?

27-01-2007, 17:52
I'll be using all the ungors I have unfortunately, I had a spare 20 points to spend!

the shaman with the goretooth will take shadow magic for steed of shadows

27-01-2007, 18:02
Wow, that looks like real fun to play against :p.

Prepare to be on the end of some serious complaints with all those Khorne marked units ;).



27-01-2007, 18:16
all 2 of them?

you can hardly talk anyway... ;)

27-01-2007, 21:23
I dont realy like bestigor

5+ armor save and always strikes less for 12 points is kinda bad imo

27-01-2007, 22:41
I've done pretty well with them in the past, if you really want to you can use hand weapons for S4 attacks which dont strike last. When you have the dark heart in the unit they get a charge of 11-13 inches meaning they often get to charge, when they're frenzied, in ranks of 6, that's 13 WS4 S6 attacks, I think their potential for hitting power more than balances their limitations!

just my opinion of course!

28-01-2007, 01:36
having marks of khorn at all and having any magic juts feels wrong... but that aside its a pretty good list

28-01-2007, 07:23
Get some chariots. You can make room by cutting out some of your points on your lord. The slaughterers blade is not as good as it sounds. Plus 5 dogs per unit only ( units of 5 in a 2k army).

I think the bestigor unit is too big. It is a late game hammer and with all those extra dudes in the back not fighting it can really add up. I run only 10 with a champion, banner and warbanner. The banner of rage is 50 pts of something else.

I think only one centigor unit as well. Ambush can help with the flanking.

I also agree with the blookine comment earlier. Not worth the points.

Instead, beef up the herd and get at least 2 chariots in there. Maybe even three.

Plus, shamans in a khorne army. What would the blood god think of that. Get 2 more wargors of khorne with great weapons. Perhaps some furries too.

28-01-2007, 11:09
I'm sick of people doing this with khorne... you are or your not. I mean if your amy is worshiping Knorne (which they are... lol please don't deny it) then they would kill the hell out of your shamens... no chance that they would live through the night in that camp... haha...
I'm just saying that if you want a themed army (in my view then EVERYONE should) then drop the wizards and add more wargors....

28-01-2007, 12:34
well, it's a great crime among the beastmen to harm a shaman, so I dont think they'd get killed.

regarding the chariots, I have 4, but I've used them so much already that I wanted a change, plus you cant mark them as khorne so it doesnt fit the theme.

I might end up with 2 units of minotaurs, just depends if Mrs kyussinchains lets me buy them!

I know bestigors arent the best use of points, but I want this to be a solid army with a strong theme, rather than an army which can beat everything and everyone, I could make a much better army if I chose mortals, and in that case I wouldnt use any magic users, but this army is only about half khornate, it only has 2 khornate units and 2 characters, as well as the spawn, the rest is all undivided and unmarked.

The slaughterer's blade has done me good in the past, my beastlord only has a 5+ ward and T4, so a way of keeping him alive a bit longer by killing stuff fits my overall theme.

I dont like to rely on ambushers, beastmen have low Ld, and if you take the horn of the great hunt (an earlier draft of this army had it) it means you cant take a ward for your general, leaving him pretty vulnerable.

the centigors are too cheap to not use in my opinion, 121 points for a unit which is capable of lots of damage, as well as being able to hide and charge through woods is a huge advantage.

finally, the banner of rage, I took it because it keeps the bestigors in the fight, if they fluff a combat, or get charged, they wont lose their frenzy, it's also helpful as they can re-roll break tests, and in a low Ld army with no battle standard that's a very useful ability to have!

my army is themed, just not over the top, I'm sure more people would complain about two more frenzied fighty heroes than a couple of shamans in game terms.

and about the bloodkine, I know it's not really worth it, but there seemed like nothing better to spend a spare 20 points on (model wise, I dont have any extra ungors, gors or hounds to use, and my characters are pretty much maxed out)

thanks for the comments!

28-01-2007, 12:47
solid khorne beast list i must say.

dont see whats the problem of having a shaman inside a khorne beast army. Shamans are a common sight in beast armies fluffwise so i m fine with it. i just dont like the idea of having any shamans or sorceror inside a khorne mortal army.