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Lord Gordonis
27-01-2007, 19:14
So how did you do on the first day of the LOTR GT?

So far i have got 35pts out of 4 games, major victory(20), loss(0), draw (10) and minor loss(5)

so hopefully I am looking for another 2 wins and 2 draws tomoz

Cheers LG

29-01-2007, 18:22
Well, I'm back home now. And I have to say it was a massive improvment from last years standings, AND the quality of the players.

Last year I hit grumpy/overly young/picky opponents back to back pretty much. And as a result, I lost all motivation to play the games. I finished low down the rankings.

This year, on the other hand, there were good players and fun players in every round. I have nothing more to add. As a result, I did well. I ended up on 35th.

A bit dissappointed that I wasn't on the best painted table again, but apparently, the ref's didn't see my army. :wtf:

Still, I'm alive, and all LOTRed out!

Lord Gordonis
30-01-2007, 21:45
Well for me it was the other way round, I drew 3 games and lost a game b/c the person who was playing cheated, plus the referees were crap there were only 2 refs for the whole tournie and I am going to complain to them soon about what happened at the weekend soon

31-01-2007, 10:52
Agreed, two refs were too few with 120+ players.

Was one of the players that gave you a hard time the second from last opponent you had (Uruk shield wall, x-bows, and wargs?)

Lord Gordonis
31-01-2007, 18:09
Yeah he was the person that you played on the last game on sunday, he also had high elves, of which he told me that he had 44 models in his army, and also he used arwens natures wrath ability when i had wargs in combat in which it shouldnt be allowed to do anyway, after the game I found out that he had only 33 models so I went to one of the refs and told him what had happened, he told me that it was my word against his word and he coudlnt do anything about it.
I had another situation arised in the game as well, he was attacking with his high elves with bows without any penalty to hit in combat, so I got the ref round to the table, and he told me that all models come equip with a hand weapon unless specified, I showed him that the elves do not come with any equipment so you would have to pay for the elven blades for them and he didnt say anything and went away. At the end of the game I lost the game fair and square but I thought that the refs should have gave him a warning and reward me a massacre result.

Im going to send the events team a complaint email about it.

31-01-2007, 18:58
I would, but do watch out that in the FAQ, the High Elves are not described using the word "unarmed", thus they have a hand weapon.

I fell short of that one last year too...

Still, I got a 20 from the guy. I took his army to the cleaner. It was made easier by the fact that instead of going to get a ref to correct a few things, Vesa came over to see how I was doing, and offered to keep an eye on the rules.

Come to think about it, he had 31 uruks in three ranks. 2 ranks were pikes. He had a Shaman there, and a captain. Then he had Vrasku, and 10 x-bow men. Along with 12 Warg riders (shields).

Which I make out to be about 750 points...

31-01-2007, 19:25
Every year I say I'm going to the GT but something always prevents me!:mad:
Hopefully, I will make it to the tourney next year. Especially if I get my armies for it finished now instead of waiting just before it begins.

Is sportsmanship at the grand tourney generally good? Is the mentioned player's attitude an exception rather than a rule?

31-01-2007, 22:26
Well, last year it was a night mare for me. But this year was great. Good players, and good games. They were all in agreement about the flaws in some of the rules, and we all worked around them to get the best game out of it.

I'm looking forward to next year - that is unless they up the points AGAIN! :mad:

31-01-2007, 23:00
Looking at it, I reckon the points are as high as they can go without sacrificing the number of games.

Lord Gordonis
01-02-2007, 08:04
The first 2 games on the sunday morning were only an hour long and about 85
% of the games that were played were draws I thought that they at least should have been 1hr and half at least so that someone can win the scenario. Some of the ppl I talked to on the sunday say that we should have 6 games and they should be 2 hour long.
My dice rolling were atroticous(sp?) during the event, (see dice) lol
The sportmanship is genarally good, apart from a few ppl who are just stupid when playing the game. [dice0]

01-02-2007, 14:43
I fed-back that there should be 7 games. Round 5 and 6 should be 1:30 long, and the "pitched Battle/Meeting engagement" should be played one time. And then you randomly allocate which force you use.

01-02-2007, 20:48
I fed-back that there should be 7 games.

Funny, but when the Events team sought ideas on the GW forums I suggested this. There was tumbleweed. I'm glad someone else thought of it though!

4 games on Saturday
3 games on Sunday, individually longer, but overall time saved.
The awards are then slightly earlier, so allow folks to catch planes, trains, etc. Not evertone live in the Midlands :P

01-02-2007, 22:45
Well, as I've already said, I've never been. But I reckon I'd prefer as many games as possible. Won't there be a difficulty with an odd number of games as one player will end up having to use his evil/good force when he may want to use the other, especially if both players want to use evil or good at the same time?

02-02-2007, 06:30
If both players are agreed that they have to use one of the armies, and they aren't able to chose, it should not be a problem. It would be just another tournament rule.

And for the number of games, I've been at the LOTR GT 3 years now, and everytime it has increased in points, it has become more and more of an endurance test.

At the moment, there is just too much crammed in.

The scenario that took one hour (Clash of Piquets) involved me moving my 60+ evil army around as reserves against a 58 figure MT army that was mostly reserves too. The other round of CoP, was with my good army (46 figures) against a substantial Khand army.

Both games were pretty much decided before we started playing. We were almost comitted to the draw before the game started to roll. There was just no way to get though it.

To illustrate, my evil vs. MT game had one round of combat after we had brought reserves on and organized them, before the time limit was reached. And that round of combat we didn't manage to finish!

02-02-2007, 09:01
The number of games and the time pressure is what stopped me going to the GT. I attended the 2005 one and enjoyed it, but to be honest I was pretty fed up of playing by Sunday. I know people feel that they will only "get their money's worth" if they play solidly, but frankly I just can't be bothered. I'd rather have a few more leisurely games and more time for ale and banter! Personally 6 games of 500 points would suit me fine. The thought of 8 games of 700 (or was it 750, can't remember now) points just leaves me stone cold.

Maybe I lack focus, but I thought this was a game not an endurance sport...

Until GT's chill out a bit I won't be back.

I used to prefer the "Open days" they used to run at Lenton back in the day. A few informal days, new and "in-progress" stuff on display, plenty of time to chat to friends and the Games Designers etc., all very friendly and informal and much more fun I thought.

06-03-2007, 23:19
sorry to do abit of threadomancy, but

I was one of the guys who had to scoot to catch a train back home, so had to conceed my last game to escape to make it home.

which meant i didnt get to see who won what, nor get hold of a copy of the final placings, if someone has a copy that could either upload it or send it me some how, i'd be very grateful



07-03-2007, 06:49
I can't find my copy of the results. IIRC, Vesa won (again), with Ed second. There was about 15 points between them.

If you want a copy, I'd drop a line to the events team. Unless anybody else has them?