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27-01-2007, 22:00
Hi. I play Vampire Counts, though I've only started actually playing with them recently, but playing has made me want to try other armies. Looking at Dark Elves I am immediately drawn to the Executioners and the Cauldron of Blood, and would love to use them in tandem.

Here is the list I shot off,

Highborn (235)
-Draich of Dark Power, Heart-stone of Darkness, Heavy Armour, SDC

Noble (185)
- BSB, Hydra Banner, Heavy Armour, SDC

Assassin (179)
- +hw, Manbane, Rune of Khaine

12 Corsairs (145)
- Full Command

5 Dark Riders (127)
- Musician, RXBs

5 Dark Riders
- Musician, RXBs

19 Executioners (284)
- Full Command, Banner of Murder

14 Witch Elves (219)
- Hag, Manbane

14 Witch Elves
- Hag, Manbane

6 Harpies (78)

Cauldron of Blood (205)

Total: 2003 points

So the Highborn and Noble go into the Executioner unit, which is 7 man wide, as are both the With Elves units. The Assassin can hide in any of the units obviously, and hopefully can pop out to kill something a hero or something before dying.

Obviously I'm gonna have a problem with no magic, but I just felt that I wanted to spend the points elsewhere, plus playing Vampire Counts I'm used to a lot of magic, so I wanted something different.

Any tips?

27-01-2007, 23:01
pretty solid list, just be careful putting both characters into a single (fairly vulnerable) unit.

you're also pretty vulnerable to magic, and lack the speed to deal with enemy magic users, so it might be worth taking a sorceress with some scrolls and giving the seal of ghrond to someone.

other than that, seems like a decent list

27-01-2007, 23:24
I would put in a mage wiht dispells, but I thought 4 characters was something mainly VC did, since they need them.

Where would I clear the points too?

I suppose the Executioners are vulnerable, but I want the BSB for sure for Hydra Banner, and the Highborn fits into it really well with his DoDP.

28-01-2007, 00:01
drop the assassin maybe?

I love assassins, but I've learned that druchii are very vulnerable to magic, so a bit of defense wouldnt go amiss!

28-01-2007, 00:30
Yeah, I was thinking if there's anything I'd drop it'd be him. Even though the idea is really cool and the model is snazzy, if I need magic defense then I need magic defense. Maybe I can have an Assassin if I know I'm going against a non-magic army like Dwarves or something.

28-01-2007, 00:55
just a quick thing on the assassin, personally I prefer the killing blow ability + adh, 159 pts is not bad for so many attacks, the poison doesnt stop armour saves so atm the only char ur assassin is any good at killing is a mage (for the rest its a long shot)... and no point in lowering their stats imo (dont have the book to hand so not sure if that is the poison ur taking or not).

28-01-2007, 01:35
Actually Manbane makes the Assassin's strength equal to the target's toughness +1 (to a max of 6). Maybe not the best against say Goblins, but against say a Vampire Count it would be pretty awesome.