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Your Evil Twin
27-01-2007, 21:01
I’ve finally succumbed to IG… Having been battered into scrap by my brothers IG tank company for years and having worked my way through almost every other army in the game I have at last decided to play a guard army!

I can however not resist the pull of chaos so while I will be playing with normal guard rules my army will be modelled as traitors!! I will use catatchan models with numerous but subtle conversions and gun swaps to make them a little more rugged. They will have very pale skin and black fatigues with brown pouches and red details (see pic’s) One of the themes is siege (mortars etc) hence the mortar team, pair of griffons and basilisk, I may also buy some FW heavy mortars and possibly some of the chaos militia stuff to blend in…

Here is my work so far…



The rough list goes something like this.. (This is a WIP as it were, I haven’t done the points yet)


command squad
Heroic senior officer modelled as someone in power armour
2 plasma guns

Sentinel support squad (2)

Heavy weapon platoon, Las cannons and mortars (all the old metal weapons crewed by new models)


10 Storm troopers
In a chimera

2 squads of 10 hardened veterans


25 man platoon

Armoured fist squad

Fast attack

10 rough riders riding flesh hounds

Heavy support

2 griffon mortars (one old griffon model and one converted with vindicator parts)
I’ll probably count them as leman ruses with hull heavy bolter and no sponsoons

One basilisk

When complete I hope the army to be a siege army with eliet chaos storm troopers and some dead hard veterans supported by massed infantry!!

This will however be a fairly slow log as I'm also working on an Eldar Craft world (see sig)

Any Coments, Criticisms and ideas much apreciated as well as pics of your own Traitor legions for some inspiration!!


Your Evil Twin

27-01-2007, 21:27
Sounds cool. I think some over-sized and/or sickeningly jagged bayonets on the end of some lasguns would do no harm either. Just seems extra traitor guard like when things are pointy!

-peace out

Wolf Scout Ewan
28-01-2007, 00:12
I have a suggestion... personally I would file off the eagles from the lasgun stock.

Your Evil Twin
28-01-2007, 16:10
:) Cheers Wolf, I have also noticed and removed the eagles, done some more guys as well...update later!!

Your Evil Twin
02-02-2007, 21:41
Hey everyone, time for the first update...

Iv been gathering all the bits and spare units from old armies etc from around my house and, without buying anything, I have got this far...

Group shot....


From left to right...£ heavy weapon teams, las cannon, stel legion rockets, old catachan mortars.... Squad 1, heavy bolter, flamer.... comand squad, converted banner and heavy stubber (H bolter) +plasma gunner..... squad 2, no heavy weapon yet will have a auto cannon, plasma gun.... Armoured fist squad traitor steel legion (red coats) in a rhino!

Next, the men I've painted so far, they have dark grey/black fatigues red detail, brown pouched, chaosy bits and tatoos (the 2 on the left havnt got tatoos yet)


and the back...


This is the command squad with converted heavy stubber man and a few necromunda gang members...


continued in next post........

Your Evil Twin
02-02-2007, 21:43

The heavy weapon teams....


And finaly the armoured fist squad (there will be 10)


C & C appreciated and any ideas or inspirations also appreciated!


Your Evil Twin

05-02-2007, 14:41
Nice start, I like how you dug up all that stuff and have started pounding it into an army :evilgrin:

Looking to see how you pull things together, and still shooting for that list above?

- Salvage

05-02-2007, 14:58
Your virtually following the same set up as my Penal Legion, if you're short of anything let me know, got quite alot of Catachen stuff.

05-02-2007, 16:58
don't like the spikes on the heads, great job otherwise. Where is the officer's axe from.

Your Evil Twin
16-02-2007, 20:03
Hey Everyone...

You may, or in this case may not have noticed that its been a while since I last updated this thread. Iv been busy with scenery stuff and Eldar! Anyway, with the arrival of my forge world militia models and another rifle through our various bits boxes I have been re inspired to start work again and as it has been half term a fair bit has been accomplished!

Jasevx, I may have to take u up on that offer! Iv used up pretty much all of the bits I had left from old armies etc and even began raiding my bros stuff (much to his annoyance) don’t know of anything I need at the minuet though…

First up my new Traitor Warlord (AKA heroic senior officer) You “may” recognise the model its based around!


And Back

The modelling is not finished he just needs painting, I am planning to paint his robes black and his armour dark red to match the army, opinions?

Next is his valiant/traitorous command squad of dead hard veteran!!


And Back

Continued in next post…….

Your Evil Twin
16-02-2007, 20:04

Next up is the forge World Militia models!





Almost all the combat weapons in this army come from the fantasy chaos range…These guys are a combination of catachans, forge world, fantasy chaos and the sarg has a chaos power fist!

Very few of them are actually finished converting, as the catachan arms done really fit with the torso’s and needed a lot of re positioning or trimming!

Continued in next post….

Your Evil Twin
16-02-2007, 20:05
Sorry for all these pics but iv been very busy of late!!

OK, next is the armoured fist squad…Caelas, we’ll have to agree to disagree on the spikes cause I love em! The officers axe is from the chaos fantasy sprews I have combined with the cadian chain sword arm, on a steel legion torso!

Some of the guys have horns as well,

Whole squad

Left to right: Knifey Joe, auto cannon guy, sergeant, plasma gun, cool axe gun man!

Las gunners!

And here is a random selection of troops from the 20 that i have painted (platoon 1)

If I can get enough steel legion I hope to have a second platoon of just them (kind of blood pact) but at the mo they are mounted in a razorback type Rhino conversion that I count as a chimera!

Continued, again…..

Your Evil Twin
16-02-2007, 20:05
Last but by no means least, a group shot of everything I have so far!

So far I have one full platoon, a command squad, a veteran squad, a steel legion missile team, catachan las cannon team, mortar team and a griffon mortar! I also nearly have the parts to make 5 rough riders on flesh hounds and 3 tau burst cannon heavy bolter teams! I plan to convert a leman russ (cut down the hull tern it around, add wheels and old style turret I have) to make a sentinel based on the traitor tanks from gaunts ghost and 2 traitor tanks possibly a leman russ and basilisk but they will be heavily converted!!

Well that’s all for today, now I just have to paint it all!

Any Coments or criticism appreciated + your own ideas or similar models etc would be great!


Your Evil Twin

Captain Fuzzball
16-02-2007, 20:06
I like them alot, veyr good use of multiple parts. Maybe a wash to their skin, make 'em abit more chaosy?


16-02-2007, 20:11
Good conversions, with those new militia especially, nice varied force of evil guard. Look forward to seeing them on a monitor that doesn't make the dark pics mostly black!

- Salvage

16-02-2007, 20:14
Personal favourites are the Steel legion conversions...

Keep it up mate :)

Your Evil Twin
16-02-2007, 20:18
Just one last question for you all to mull over....Does the sauron model scale up well to the Lightning claws and does he look 40Kish with the hood spikes, shoulder pads etc??

I was bit worried he wouldnt look 40Kish enough, what do you think?

your evil twin

16-02-2007, 20:31
I think the Sauron conversion would look a lot better if he had slightly bulkier shoulders - a thin layer of GS would work wonders, the pads only need to be bulked by a millimetre or so.

As for the claws, I think the claws themselves are just about OK, but the arms need to be a tad longer - again, a couple millimetres will be plenty, but they need to appear to go below the hips. Currently the hands seem to finish between the hips and the waist.

16-02-2007, 20:49
cool i like the idea of a general mash up arm, but SAURON!!! your one crazy mo fo :D ;)

16-02-2007, 21:17
I am also working on a traitor guard army and incase you havent seen it here it is http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63206

/end shamless plug

I like what you did with the renagades but my only problem is that the missle launcher is bent slightly.

Also I like how the color choises makes the catachans look like semi-decent models( I realy dont like the models, look way to rambo like for me)

Your Evil Twin
16-02-2007, 21:52
Aelyn, i can see what your saying and will probably add to the sholder pads before i paint cheers, dont know about the arms though, seems like a lot of hassle :D anyway if you imagin them straight there about the right length!

Ixidor10024, Agreed, the catachans are far to muscely for humans, mabey its the heroic scaling or somthing but i swear there bicept is bigger than there head...Anyway, when you make them traitors they seem to look more in place! having said that however i did trim them down alot for the veterans!

Cheers for the motivational coments guys, I would probably go and do some painting no but unfortunatly i have recently discovered counter strike and am only here to write this cause im currently dead :D

oh well

Your evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
17-02-2007, 15:37
OK, another quick update...

Iv just finished sculpting the Chaos Enforcer/motivator (AKA commisar) for the command squad! He needs a better name..any sugestions??
Its a fairly simple conversion using fantasy chaos...He has a plasma pistol , power sword, carapace armour and a horn for moivating toots!!
Here he is!
(id love to see him try to sumarily execute Sauron :D)

Next up is the plattoon comand squad, only the red is done (painted during a scrubs marathon on today so they were painted off a dinner tray!


Still painting infantry but when the command squad is finished I will quickly paint up the armoured fist squad and their tank, should look pretty good when its all done and based etc!

As usual, your thoughts comments and critisism's are apreciated!!


Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
18-02-2007, 21:54
Hey every one, another quick update and a plee for bits.....

Here is my new traitor heavy bolter team...


I had 3 burst cannons 6 men 3 bases 3 ammo feeds and 3 tripods, one of the tripods was glued to a las cannon so I cut it off... PING.....and it was never seen again....

Im serios, iv never lost a bit that big but it has didapeared I looked everywhere in PING range but couldnt find it :( so I know they are highly sort after but if any one has a imperial guard heavy weapon tripod they could trade or sell PM me, I have loads of imperial guards, chaos and ork bits or paypal!!

Next up is the comissar in previos post, I liked him so much I will be converting a whole squad as storm troopers! Thwy will have bolt guns and 2 plasma guns....

However for this squad I will need 10 unassembled catachans or at least 10 sets of legs as i think i could find enough arms! So if you have saidcatachan bits I would love to trade!! I have loads of imperial guards, chaos and ork bits or paypal!!

PM me if your interested in either trade!

18-02-2007, 22:02
Looking good, my favourite is the Commissar. Very nice conversion. :)

Rabid Bunny 666
18-02-2007, 23:01
Cool so far.

and about the missing Tripod, try and make your own, blu tak it togather, and the Tripod will be there within 10 minutes. I'm not joking, this always happens to me.

The Keeper of Secrets
20-02-2007, 16:14
They look really good, imaginative poses, looking forward to seeing the souron painted.

Your Evil Twin
01-03-2007, 21:15
AAAAAAAAAGH Carnage in 24 days!!!!!

Ok so as this was origionaly a quick speed painting project to use up spare guard bits I feel a good target would be to get 1500 pts painted and based in 24 day! (I know abit of a tall order)

Anyway here is the armoured fist squad (very speed painted and not quite finished but im happy so far!


And their ride! (a chimera, the twin auto cannons on top represent a turret and hull heavy bolter!)

Havnt even started painting this, its from an old Khorne army! Plan is to spray it black then add red and detail realy fast :D

Your Evil Twin

The Laughing God
01-03-2007, 21:27
The army looks reallly good so far. I like the conversions, 1500 pts in 24 days? Have fun;) :p

Looking forward to seeing more of the army done.

Your Evil Twin
02-03-2007, 17:12
Hey Guys, Bit of a plea for bits here!

Basicly iv nearly finished the basic 2 troops and hope to have the comand squad, veterans and most of the heavy weapons done by the end of next week!

So my next big project is the vehicles, I plan to build 2 heavily converted leman russes (reversd hull, wheels) for traitor ATV and 2 land speeder buggies with predator turrets as sentinals! (or ork Buggies)

For this I need 2 Land speeder hulls (with or without finns, assault cannons etc) 2 predator turrets (may have to buy off BWbits but if anyone has any spare from old conversions that would be apreciated) ork wheels, large or small not bothered!

Or...Ork buggies (not half tracks) preferably complet kits as these would also make good conversions! PM me with pics if you have these!

Conition isnt realy important due to the ammount of converting it will need so any old crappy land speeder will do!!

2 unassembled Leman Russes!

This is in wanted adds but i thought I should ask here to!

If you have any of the above or anything that might be usfull that you dont need PM me and we can discuss a trade/sale!

Cheers (more updates later)

Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
04-03-2007, 11:04

Seriosly, 20 days till carnage and I realy want this army done so any one with a land speder in any condition they dont want PM ASAP!


Your Evil Twin