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28-01-2007, 15:43
well afer my tau
and elysian logs
(both armies completed wih only a few bits here and there)
ive started on a eldar army.... due to moving house in november have not had much time to get these guys painted and to take pics, but finally have time.

i decided on a yellow/black crafworld colour scheme (like old school ulthwe) and background wise wilL say they are a splinter swordwind of The main ulthwe, taking up aspects afTer the loss of there leader... they will be a aspect heavy force, but still led by farseers and have guardian support all in vehicles (lots of walkers/tanks)

pics to follow

28-01-2007, 15:49
Looking forward to this as I am trying to do something similar myself - get some pics up! :P

28-01-2007, 16:45



28-01-2007, 16:46
I really like these Pompeylad, they look very clean, as do the bases. Excellent.

28-01-2007, 17:45
The pics are very blurry,but your other projects are really nice.

28-01-2007, 17:48


28-01-2007, 17:49
It's a little hard to see the paintjob since the pics are so blurry. But they sure look clean and nice.

28-01-2007, 17:49
have now found ripod,sowill sort proper pics out soonish

28-01-2007, 17:59
Great bases on those war walkers btw.

28-01-2007, 18:59
lovin it!

Can you tell me how you have:
(1) Highlighted your black
(2) Painted the yellow?

many thanks,


28-01-2007, 22:16
black is highlighted with 50/50 black and shadow grey (vallejo version)
yellow is 2 coass of bronzed flesh with yellow ink on top (gw).
all over chaos black spray undercoat

note ive decided to keep all aspecs bodysuits black, and all sashs yellow. this as well as cityfight bases are to tie army together

29-01-2007, 06:17
why did you opt for Vallejo grey over GW out of curiosity?

29-01-2007, 10:11
slowlyreplacing gw with vallejo due to cost, better bottle design, more paintand coverage... also do a more natural colour palette in there model range (this is game range)

29-01-2007, 13:20
Very cool looking eldar. The yellow and black are a very nice contrast and the aspects look terrific! and i have to agree that the Vallejo paints are better than GW ones (except the metallics).

29-01-2007, 16:34
which vallejo grey did you use please as I am going to try and poach your idea!

as a second request - more updates!!! - if you work, stop, and paint more :p

29-01-2007, 18:04
its a mix mate 50/50 shadow grey and black, german grey is close though i beleive

20-03-2007, 21:50

20-03-2007, 21:51

20-03-2007, 21:51
my avatar, just needs a nice scenic base and a spray varnish, then will work up hand to be nice and glossy.......

20-03-2007, 22:07
The avatar looks very good, the scenic base should complete the overall effect. Have you thought of using more inks on the torso to make the lava look more fluid, he is made of living metal, the colours look a little ...... 'dry' would be the best term i could use. Just a thought for that extra finesse

21-03-2007, 15:44
nope not livingmetal, but he is metal and therefore cracked with burny stuff (?) inside painted, and blackened heated iron body

21-03-2007, 22:21
now finished him, pics by friday......

22-03-2007, 22:15
wahey in science fiction logs, so what do people think of avatar?

22-03-2007, 22:46
The Avatar looks sweet ,looking forward to seeing it all finished :),Any chance of a group picture once the avatars finished ?

23-03-2007, 01:02
Pics are a bit blurry, but it all looks very nice. Clear and Clean painting, perfectly complements the Eldar range. Keep it up:)

23-03-2007, 18:16
just charging batteries now for camera, will do a group shot too of painted stuff.
and will use camera stand.

23-03-2007, 19:25
ok loads of new piccies.....
first off the finished avatar, notice i wennt for a plain base in the end so it showed the model off for what it is....(stunning)

23-03-2007, 19:26
next is a better pic of my finished aspect squads....

23-03-2007, 19:27
and now its the walkers together and the new wave serpent

23-03-2007, 19:33
and finally the completed army so far (taken on my carpet)
so guys what you think? im really pleased with avatar and aspects, not sure on avengers but heh ho.....
just got dragons/2nd avengers/farseer and eldrad at some point/2nd walker unit to go for tourney. then a few other units for friendlies....
also harlies soon!

24-03-2007, 09:32
no one impressed then? :(

24-03-2007, 10:38
pompey lad those are great particualrly the avatar how sweet is that model :D

24-03-2007, 19:25
i have to say,first seeing it many moons ago,iwas impressed, then i saw it stood up, and thought...oh weird pose.....

had an idea for painting it ala balrog, and after seeing the badboy in the flesh and fully painted, probably my fav model i have painted to date.
closely followed by my now long gone ultramarine marneus and honourguard squad and typhus

24-03-2007, 20:01
Tha army shots look cool mate :) and the avatar is the icing on the cake of a cool army ,are you going to be adding anything else to the Eldar ?

24-03-2007, 20:52
as above i have farseer, dragons x 6, avengers x 8, harlequins x 8 (gonna be sweet!) and walkers with scatterlasers x 2. thats all i need for my next 2 tourneys (asmoh 07 and pompey pillage)
then on top of that i have some pahfinders/guardians to make army bigger for friendlies.
i also have an assembled coverted red scorpion army to do after these are done, but will be using the new gw foundation paints for these

25-03-2007, 22:20
farseer done, and second walkers unit are being taken to work to be painted (nightshift mon and tue) so pics on wed hopefully.

dave is the best
26-03-2007, 09:22
this armies really cool cant wiat to see it finished


29-03-2007, 22:01
quick update... new paints arrived so can finally get the dragons started, these are going to be bright orange and yellow. farseer is now done (who i use as eldrad) and walkers are done too, just need to paintthere shields and stick on after i dull cote the models.

29-03-2007, 23:17
Beautiful army - the black/yellow really compliments the Aspect colors. The yellow looks a bit flat, though - maybe lining it with Bad Moon Yellow would liven it up?

In my opinion choosing the right colors for an army is half the battle, and you've managed to keep everything neat and vibrant. Definitely one of the best Eldar armies I'e seen. Show more!

Captain Brown
29-03-2007, 23:48
no one impressed then? :(

Give us time. ;) The Avatar is stunning...there pompeyladbfp. Very smart idea on the plain base.


02-04-2007, 21:32
here is the farseer...
the fire dragons
and the walkers (no shields on as have not been varnished yet)

03-04-2007, 21:39
dragons are my new favourite unit..... came out really bright and nice.
just need to work on second avengers and re do first batch (tidy up) also tidy up aspects ive done.
then hopefully the dancing clowns will arrive and i can go to town :)

03-04-2007, 21:41
p.s thats 3 awful pics ill redo them at some point and repost them... sorry

07-04-2007, 16:05
quick update, due to easy week at work im hoping for these bad boys to be finished by this time next week (1750 points) and all i will have then will be the harlies when they arrive (i have old solatire to practise on)

obvously i still have some other eldar to paint up for big games, but they will go on back burner as my fully converted red scorpions are waiting.. .and my death korp death riders etc... :)

pics next week hopefully of finished army.

dave is the best
21-04-2007, 20:06
How did you paint your banshees

21-04-2007, 20:21
I never knew how bloody HUGE that avatar actually was. Fire magnet much... pun intended. Looks good. Keep 'er coming.

Tsen Out

22-04-2007, 13:08
bansees are black undercoat, very dark grey drybrush, pick out armour plates in bleached bone and highlight 50/50 bbone/swhite. gold is just shinning gold with inkwash, hair is vallejo red gore and blood red

dave is the best
22-04-2007, 13:10
Cool thanks, how did you paint the yellow?

I have decided i want to do eldar like yours, check out my log to see more.


22-04-2007, 13:20
yellow is 2 coats of bronzed flesh and then yellow ink
also a pic update:

just need to paint the harlies now

22-04-2007, 13:21
notice 2 exarchs os i can swap between them

22-04-2007, 13:27
sweet, really sweet

23-04-2007, 13:37
p.s. probably no ipdates till harlies are completed, these area an absolute swine to paint so time consuming... especially when i have crackdown to play!

23-04-2007, 14:11
nice work! but most infantery models would look better with a little higlighting.

23-04-2007, 15:27
I like! The army is coming together very nicely. I love the avatar!

28-04-2007, 22:26
ok heres the first batch of harlies....
4 done the 'kissers' of the unit

28-04-2007, 22:28

an absolute swine to paint, the models have not been dull coted yet and metal has come up really odd on pics, they look better in the flesh

29-04-2007, 15:04
ok started the other 4, even though my fw purchase turned up a day after i ordered it(what delay?) £263 of death korp mmm....
should be done by end of week and just need to finish counters and army is done ready for ASMOH07

02-05-2007, 21:42
Looks great Martin! There's been quite a few eldar armies at club recently so I don't think you'll be the only pixie at ASMOH this year.

Of course, because I like a challenge, my eldar (and tau) will be staying at home the first year I actually get to play.

I gotta get some photos posted up somewhere at somepoint... :eyebrows:


02-05-2007, 22:12
hey richard dont worry its not the armies its the player :)
i came 1st last year with fluffy black templars, so is it a ork foot army?

the other 4 are now red'd and thats about it, but i have finished my counters

03-05-2007, 07:04
so is it a ork foot army?

Nope, Grey Knights :angel: (ok there is other daemonhunter stuff, but its mostly Grey Knights)

Still need to finish painting the Land Raider (for it is a proper ASMOH army, i.e. 1500 points, plus a Land Raider) and the objective markers. Started another thread with a few of the photos I actually have on this machine here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1523364#post1523364).

Sorry, going way off topic...

03-05-2007, 10:28
at least someone is posting something.... everyone on warseer must hate eldar? lol

03-05-2007, 11:25
It's been a slow day (waiting on responses back from the swarm of emails I sent out before lunch). :rolleyes:

Nice scheme by the way, and nicely linked together on the Harlies and aspect warriors (although personally a would have made the aspect warriors closer to the craftworld colour scheme).

Looking forward to seeing them in person (I'm sure the photos don't do them justice). :)

03-05-2007, 11:42
at least someone is posting something.... everyone on warseer must hate eldar? lol

I know how you feel, my Eldar log gets no love...That post just made me realize I hadn't replied to this thread, though I had been following it the entire time:eek: . I really like what you have going on with the new Harlequins, haven't gotten to see too many examples of those yet, and your look really nice. But I have to say my favorite so far is the Fire Dragons, the orange on them is spot on and I like how they incorporate the Craftworld colours...


03-05-2007, 15:19
cheers fella, i do like my dragons too, that orange and black is really cool combo (well have to remember that for a future army)

07-05-2007, 17:29
Swordwind of Ulthwe
Elder army by Martin Burke, club BFP

HQ The Avatar of Khaela Mensha Khaine 155
HQ Q’sandria of Ulthwe (Eldrad Ulthuan rules) 210
ELITE 8 Harlequins with harlequins kiss and shadowseer 206
ELITE 6 Fire dragons 96
ELITE 8 Howling banshees with exarch with executioner and acrobatic 155
• Wave serpent with twin shuriken cannon, shuriken cannon, spirit stones and vectored thrusters 140
TROOPS 8 Dire avengers with exarch, shimmershield and power weapon and defend 138
TROOPS 8 Dire avengers with exarch, twin shuriken catapults and blade storm 128
FAST ATTACK 5 Warp spiders with exarch, twin death spinners and power blades 137
HEAVY SUPPORT 2 War walkers with scatter lasers 120
HEAVY SUPPORT 2 War walkers with shuriken cannons 80
HEAVY SUPPORT falcon grav tank with starcannon, spirit stones and holofield 185
1750 points

Recon force of Ulthwe
ELITE 8 Striking scorpions with exarch, scorpions claw and move through cover 160
TROOPS 5 Pathfinders 120
HEAVY SUPPORT 2 War walkers with scatter lasers 120
400 points

Once again the elder of Ulthwe have come to the accursed planet of St.michael. this time however it is different, they are not led by there brightest star. Eldrad ulthuan who fell against he who shall not be named is still being mourned. Yet a new shining light Q’sandria, Eldrads protégé has declared a Bahzhakhain, hundreds of black guardians have given up there final civilian roles and joined the once unpopular Aspect temples once again. Even the young king has made himself ready for his trip to the shrine of Khaine. Q’sandria has sent down a small scouting force of his pathfinders, war walkers and his scorpions to find out about the enemy threat and make a beachhead to deploy his swordwind

12-05-2007, 21:03
mission complete:

complete 1750 point army and extras to make 2250 points is complete. i have now unpainted a unit of guardians, autarch and on sprues/unassembled 10 guardians and hw, yriel, special edition autarch and a vyper.... ill sell these to pay for more death korp.

my next project: red scorpions on urban/battlefield bases. (will be a elite terminator based army, using combat squad system to get me ready for change over)

long term project: deathj korp of krieg have roughly £350 spent of the army that will cost me £650 in total at 2000 points. this will be a labour of love and painted to highest standards unlike my wargaming paint style eldar/tau armies.

i also will be starting on my terrain, making a city fight board and a ruined battlefield/trench system.

now do i start a new biggy log for all of the above? or split them up? or not bother at all???

p.s. anyone going to basingstoke asmoh 07 or portsmouth pompey pillage, my eldar will be there!

12-05-2007, 21:08
nice, very nice :) try out some new techniques on the DK, i bet you could.

650 quid! you're nuts!


Angel Robertson
12-05-2007, 21:20
When is Asmoh?


12-05-2007, 21:22
2nd june


13-05-2007, 03:45
Group shot?

The only thing I dont like about your army is the tanks... That is to much yellow... They yellow looks good everywhere else though.

13-05-2007, 12:57
dont like my yellow tanks... how very dare you.

yeah will do group shot on wednesday

13-05-2007, 13:04
nice, very nice :) try out some new techniques on the DK, i bet you could.

650 quid! you're nuts!


i have already posted a test colour scheme, but think i will actually paint them in light blues like ww1 french. also its not real money its from sale of my guard £400 and my ultras £900 so could afford it and do my new bathroom too!

26-01-2013, 17:09
army now for sale: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/pompeyladbfp/m.html?item=190789983556&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562

27-01-2013, 13:33
good luck selling your army!

04-02-2013, 19:30
ta, last day!