View Full Version : my first attempt at a 1000 point PURE easterling army!!

28-01-2007, 18:52
ok then i have resontly started a easterling army i already play 40k and am prity good.so this is my first try at a army list for lotr for a pure easterling army.

khamul + armoured horse 135
captain + halbard, shield 60
captain + halbard, shield 60
captain + shield, armoured horse 70

20 swords men + shields 160
15 easterlings + spears and shields 150
20 archers 160
2 banners 64

8 kataphracts 112
1 kataphract +banner 39

so what you guys thing it is a bit over at 1021, is there enougth modules , is the ratio between spears and swords men correct (remember i fight in 3 "ranks" for a special rule) , i have added in so many mounted modules as from pratice games they are so harsh for 6 more points witht here special rules for mounted modules.


28-01-2007, 19:02
The Banner Bearers can't have any equipment I'm afraid. You will have to drop the spears and shields but that wil help shave off a few points.

Drop the Halberd on the Mounted Captain with Shield. He can't use the Halberd 2-handed while on horseback and can't use it 2-handed on foot if he has a Shield.

I'm still a bit wary about using Khamul because he is very expensive for a model who can't use Nazgul spells as easily as normal and isn't as good in a fight as his skills imply. Check out WH40kAJ's thread on using Ringwraiths for some good advice.

Welcome to LotR and the Armies of the East. Always good to have another Easterling player to bolster the Dark Lord's ranks.

28-01-2007, 19:23
what would you use instead of khamul and do you think there is enought numbers

28-01-2007, 19:42
I would say it looks like a good number of men. Lots of basic infantry and some heroes will stand you in good stead with Easterlings. They have excellent Defence. Don't forget about the Shielding rule too. I held up a huge chunk of an Orc army with my Defence 7 Easterling King using Shielding. My opponent got so annoyed...

If you could spare the points, a King is better than a Captain. Better Courage and more Will for boosting Stand Fast rolls. Fight 5 is really useful too.

Khamul may be ok in your force because you have plenty other Captains. I tend to play 500pt games so don't have as many models to support him. He could work really well on a Fellbeast if you fancy a cool modelling project.

28-01-2007, 20:12
were do you get the rules for a easterling KING from its not in the shadow in the east book.


28-01-2007, 20:19
Legions of Middle Earth. An Easterling King is basically a King of Men who starts with Heavy Armour and can buy a Halberd if you wish. I prefer him with a Shield because Defence 7 is great. They are great for holding your line steady with the bonus Courage too.