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28-01-2007, 22:25
Greetings all. I'm currently trying to write up a small Lizardmen list(around 1000 points) as I'm very fond of solid blocks of reliable infantry, not to mention potentialliy very strong magic users. The army as a whole really appeals to me(except for a few of the models, that is), and I'm pretty certain I'd like to collect them.

My question is what would you more venerable Lizardmen players offer as advice to someone just starting out? What are your tips? How do you build certain units? Anything you can think of to offer would be very much appreciated.

28-01-2007, 23:53
well, for starters...
1)saurus warriors are reliable, but tend to die quickly in the hands of power-characters, and WILL be outnumbered anytime... Having multiple units to support each other will solve this
2)in a 1000 pt list you won't be able to use Slann Mage Priests..so forget about dominating the magic phase..Scar-Veterans, on the other hand, can easily handle any Hth opponent!
3)Skinks are your best friends!
4)Kroxigors are more reliable than saurus cavalry, but there are times when that extra 1" move will come handy..

So, in 1000 pts, considering you are a new player, i'd go for a Battalion(it will give you a solid unit of saurus warriors - maybe two if you find the 2x6 formation to your liking- two units of skinks and a cavalry unit..)
Another thing: Temple guard models are ridiculously expensive..you might find that converting some from saurus warriors is preferable...

29-01-2007, 00:02
agreed... though I'm hugely a fan of salamanders!

they can deal with any elf and any fast cavalry or skirmishers the enemy has to offer. Mine also managed to panic a unit of iron breakers with a lord in once (yes, incredible luck... and yes the Dwarf player hated be for a short peiod after ;))

29-01-2007, 02:51
Depends on who you are playing against. I have a lizardmen army that fights primarily chaos and it just gets cut to shreds...here is how it works out..

Skinks do nothing
Saurus do very little
Cold Ones do well (usually)
Scar Vets do ok
Salamanders..I don't know..I always misfire with them or roll like a 2..

Krox on the other hand against a heavily armored / high T army are a very good choice with their great weapons and screen charge ability.

29-01-2007, 03:00
Okay great, thanks for the replies everyone. I'll get busy writing my first army list for them then..

30-01-2007, 08:32
Here's a little combo you can use that people hate.

Take an Old Blood or a Scar Vet and give him the Sword of the Hornet (strikes first even if charged!). Put him with a unit of Saraus armed with spears. Let them get charged. The character will kill a few guys leaving the rest of your spear sarauses relatively untouched. Then you get to retaliate with your two ranks of strength 4 spears (this is where your opponent cries) and you end up winning combat.

I usually go with an Old Blood with the Sword of the Hornet, Maiming Shield, and the Aura of Quetzl. He also has light armor and the spawning of Quetzl. This gives him 6 attacks at S5 that strike first with a 2+ armor save and a 4+ ward save against attacks that are S5 or more.

Then I also have a Scar Vet with my BSB (non-magical). Then I give him light armor, Scimitar of the Sun, spawning of Quetzl and Topek. This also gives him 6 S5 attacks with a 3+ armor save. Not bad for a BSB. I usually put him in a unit of saraus infantry with the spawning of Quetzl for the added armor to ensure they have a better chance of surving hits. That way they can hold an enemy unit in combat while my kroxigors hit the flanks (again, this is where your opponent cries).

Don't get me wrong though, I do love to sometimes field the ever nasty Slann Mage Priest. The 2nd Gens are hands down the best Mages in the game, you just have to pay an arm and a leg (or tail for you serious Lizardmen players) to field them. But there's nothing like getting a free die to cast each spell with, being immune to miscasts along with everything that comes with the Slann packages. I think the Lizardmen army book is broken down very nicely. Each unit is pretty much specifically made to do a certain job. Almost as if they were bread for it......

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the posting. Catch ya later!

Got Squig?

Goq Gar
30-01-2007, 09:13
Skinks are good starting units.

Grab a block of saurus or two.

Theres yer army.



Skinks cover flanks and any extras prevent charges by being in front of the saurus, and benefit from saurus backup.

Commisar BoB
30-01-2007, 09:29
also you might want to consider a JSoD or Jaguar Scar-vet of DEATH! His is a Scar-Vet with a Jaguar Totem, Great Weapon, Blessed Spawnings Quetzl and Sotek, and light armor. This bad boy is your secert weapon. He will have an 18 inch charge so you can take out lone character, war machines, small units, nasty little attachment units like warp fire throwers etc etc etc. Just over all nasty piece of work.

30-01-2007, 10:51
Keep Skink units as small as possible and bring lots of them (2 or 3 in 1000pnts). I usual run my Saurus in blocks of 5x3, though I'll have to try this 6x2 I hear about. Spend the cash on 3 kroxigor, you'll never be dissapointed. Finally if you have any Skink Priests (wizards), give one of them the Diadem of Power. This lets you shift dispel dice to power dice, or vice versa.

P.S. The battalion box is a perfect starter (Why didn't they have this when I started :( )