View Full Version : Blade of Blood + Pendant of Slaanesh

29-01-2007, 01:32
Interesting Chaos Combo, though you need 55 points of wargear to do it.

Give your character no armour and an ultramobile mount (steed of slaanesh) and you're looking at attacking everyone who can dish out attack and has no armour. I'm specifically thinking of charging missile units such as skirmishers and feeling the pain. Then you're looking at slowly pumping the guy to a supernasty killfiend beast by the end of a game.

Anyone tried this?

29-01-2007, 14:40
It was all the rage when Hordes of Chaos first came out, but most people soon discovered that it wasn't really necessary to have a Lord Character in games of 2000 points or less, plus, after your super lord character fails a couple of toughness tests, and is sudenly very vulnerable to enemy fires, you discover that it isn't such a good choice after all. Every one had a good plan for fighting him, such as attacking the steed instead of the lord, and in order for the combo to work, you have to get into combat, hard to do without a lot of armor, on a charcter all by himself (you wouldn't want him in a unit, or he'd lose the benefit of the steed of Slaanesh.)