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17-07-2005, 04:30
For the Lustria campaign the week the point limit for games is 725pts.
Here's the best list I can think of for using the models I have:

sorceror of chaos: barded steed, lvl2, spell familiar 151pts
10 warriors: shields, musician 156pts
10 warriors: halberds, full command, mok 211pts
4 chosen knights: musician, champion/standard bearer (not both) 210pts

728 total
4 power dice
4 dispel dice

The sorceror will be using the lore of death so I would have an effective wayy of killing warmachines handgunners and archers etc. that would be on a hill or something similiar and waste a turn of moving to get my troops close enough to charge.

Keep in mind that I don't really care if it's "unfluffy" i.e khorne warriors and a sorceror. And cheese isn't a big factor either, not that I can really make a super cheesy list with the models I have anyway.

Here are the models I have:

mounted sorceor of chaos
crom the conqueror (can be used as normal hero)
12 warriors w/ shields
10 warriors w/ halberds and paited to look very khornate
a box of marauders (trying to stay away from these guys as I only have a few of these guys finished)

Please make comments on how to improve the performance of my list. or if you want make a whole new list if you think the one I have is garbage. Also post reasons with your changes so I would be able to see where you're coming from with your suggestions.

plz plz plz help

-the nightreaper

17-07-2005, 12:12
Well first off i would reconsider the spell familiar. Have 3 spells with 4 power dice isnt that good and should be easy for the enemy to dispell it.

Your army really has a lack of smaller cheap units to protect your warriors. If you have a chance try to get 10 warhounds in 2x5 units to protect them.

Also since you have only 3 blocks of troops your deployment and moving is just to important. Your knights cant frontal charge bigger units cuz they would have to kill at least 5 soilders. And with only 8 attacks that can be difficult alot of times. So you have to get that flank charge. Your infantry units are going to be easy prey for cav in the flank, so be careful with these guys.

So my suggestion would be that you either paint up your marauders and replace the warriors with these and maybe get a power familiar on your sorc or some warhounds. Also the Chosen status on the knights is a bit much IMO for only 725 points. As they would have to hit the flank anyways i would go for regular knights with full command and 5 in number.

Since you have a limited time and units to select from i would probably go for this:

Sorcerer of Chaos 1 Undivided; Level 2 Wizard; Power Familiar; Barded Chaos Steed 1H 186 (the power familiar makes hi pretty expensive so dith it if you need some points. Also i would have prefered to have had him unmounted if you have the possibility)

Knights of Chaos 5 Full command Undivided 215 (try to hit flanks and you should have an easy time)

Marauders of Chaos 16 Light Armour; Shield Full command 137 (solid good block)

Warhounds of Chaos 5 - 30 (screen for the knights or the marauders, depending on your enemy)

Warriors of Chaos 10 Musician; Shield; Undivided 156 (i would run them in 2x5 to support your marauders)

Total 724

So if you want any more changes you could remove the power familiar and the barded horse on your sorc to get 66 points.


This list would give you 5 power dice and 4 dispell dice. I would have gone for the fire lore for inflicting as much damage as possible.

Also if you dont manage to get those warhounds just bulk your 10 warriors to 12 and make them 2x6. Or throw in a champ or whatever you prefer :)