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29-01-2007, 13:51
I wanted something that was a bit different to the hordes of Space Marine armies, and while I'm certain they're the next in line in popularity their very different playstyle to the melee oriented marines/etc. could provide a nice challenge.

Anyway, here's a test mini:

29-01-2007, 13:52
Here's the rest of the firewarrior squad:

A stealth suit and a drone:

29-01-2007, 13:53
More drones:

And my magnetic hammerhead in bits:
(I didn't want to use the railgun, since the Ion Cannon is nice to smash up those damn marines. It was magnetised but then it broke and I got in a strop and just glued it straight on)

And the current progress of it:

29-01-2007, 13:54
Here's my Crisis Suit commander, in progress:


29-01-2007, 13:54
love the stealth suit paintjob!, only small thing is make your highlighting a little thinner, the beauty of tau is square shapes so you can use the edge of the brush. wish i never sold mine!

29-01-2007, 13:57
Looking great so far. I love the square pattern on the hammerhead. Looks awesome!

29-01-2007, 14:08
Theres really cool, In some places the paint looks a little a thick. But overall they look fantastic. I really love the hammerhead pattern. Looks great!!

29-01-2007, 14:44
yeah, mate those are awesome! how did you do the hammerhead camo pattern?
very nice job :)

29-01-2007, 15:07
Hammerhead pattern? Codex Grey all over, then just paint on loads of squares/oblongs 3mm-1cm a side, linking on the corners. Sometimes just paint the outline of the squares/oblongs and block out color around them to make it look like the squares are the color of the basecoat. Repeat with a light grey. Voila.

Pretty hard to describe, but not difficult if you've got a steady hand. It's taking FOREVER.

29-01-2007, 16:06
Original colour scheme, and the painting is very nice indeed.


31-01-2007, 09:22
I've done the turret on the hammerhead, just the thrusters and the rear panel and it's FINALLY finished. Feels like I've been painting it for weeks.

In the meantime I've cleared out my gaming room. Where before the walls were a nice shade of dark brown (when they were meant to be white with blue patterns wallpaper!) they've now been painted up in a nice cream color, and I'm building some shelves for my models so they don't have to sit in little boxes under the gaming tables.

Here's hoping I can get it done soon.

Also, I've been playing fumbbl.com alot and I'm thinking of starting up a team. Lizardmen, Skaven, Beastmen, or Orcs. So many choices! :)

Hideous Loon
31-01-2007, 09:27
I know what you mean, painting a Hammerhead never seems to end! Yours looks great though, nice "camo" pattern. And that Stealth suit...

31-01-2007, 10:52
Great work! I really like the stealth suit decloaking. I might have to steal that....:o