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29-01-2007, 16:36
Hi there, i'm considering my next force and want to do something more themed than previous 'vanillia' lists. Looking about i realised i've never played with big beasties and thought that might be fun, that led me onto the idea of a cult of beasts army for darkelves (only ones with multiple options) so i came up with this as a sort of ;) balanced list based on a cult of beasts which was a bit different to standard delves- hence no witches or COKnights- or in fact magic which felt quite appropriate but of course comes with a risk...
So no more ado- here it is. 2000 points of course

Lord+Dragon+Seal of Ghrond+Lance,Heavy,Shield,Cloak- (125,320,25,6,6,3,9)494
So he's the big beastie, limited magic cos he's got a dragon! and i'm hoping 9S6 hits on the charge on a small frontage should be hard enough!:evilgrin:

BeastMaster+Manticore+AofDarkness+Lance- (40+190+25+4)259
Less hard but still 6S5 on charge, also more of a concern cos if the beatmaster goes then the manticore is down to us4 but what can you do.

2x5 Darkriders- (2x90)180
so one unit goes on the flanks with the monsters and one stays to support the infantry, or goes to flank disrupt on the other side
7 Harpies(91)
Of with the monsters too, the basic idea being give the enemy too many targets and they'll be intimidated and make mistakes
6 Shades(84)
Help with the attack, go on the other flank or hang about to give me a 360 charge arc back in my quarter

2x25 SpearMen- Shields and Command 2(175+25+25)450
The bastion, these guys are there to add men cos i don't like these overly elite armies. My main worry is can they actually take a charge and hold for the term til my support unit comes in?
So this is the support, it sits between the spears intimidating people and hopefully charging them if they take the spears on. Also can be lined up so the opponent needs to charge it and the spears at the same time. Maybe chariots or Knights would be better, but the concept say's lots of monsters and i'm quite into the idea so i wanta give it a go. Plus 3 terror causers has a big psychological impact both in game and 'real' terms:chrome:
2x10 Cross-Bows- 2(70+40)220
Missile support going on either end of my line can charge in if need be, again RBT's might be better but i want a balanced unbalanced list and if i showed up with all these monsters and little else people'd just complain...

So that's it. My main concerns are can the spearmen take it, esp w/out a BSB, and of course magic... Only 3DD, made worse by the new single char targeting rules which makes catching lone wizards even dodgier. So I figure vs mage or war machine heavy the first few turns will be hide and seek with my monsters. If i can close the distance and get the risks then i'd be fine but i could also get toasted BIG time!:skull: Well of course thats the risk and the fun...

So opinions etc very welcome!


29-01-2007, 16:51
Someone brought the zoo!

Kudos for trying a monster army! A buddy of mine at university collected druchii when I started to get interested years ago, and hydras and beastmasters always struck a chord with me, even if they seem hard to use in such a way that you get the points out of them.

Your major flaw I can see might be a lack of magic defence, so maybe consider a spelldrinker (sp?) upgrade for your hydra, if those mods are still allowed?