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29-01-2007, 22:07
Noble + Sword of Might, heavy armour, Sea Dragon cloak, shield and Cold one = 128p

Sorceress + Dispel scroll and extra level = 155p

Sorceress + Seal of Ghrond and extra level = 155p

19 Corsairs + FC and War banner = 240p

19 Dark elf warriors + FC and shields = 215p

10 Dark elf warriors + repeater crossbows = 130p

10 Dark elf warriors + repeater crossbows = 130p

5 Dark riders = 90p

5 Dark riders = 90p

5 Cold one knights + FC = 190p

5 Shades + light armour = 75p

2 Repeater bolt throwers = 200p

2 Repeater bolt throwers = 200p

Total = 1998

Basicaly the idea was to go for a very cheap character base for the army. Both the Highborn and High sorceress are both very expencive models in an army which is full of very expencive models. Therefore I decided to go for a Noble over a Highborn to lead the army. He's set up with the Cold one knights to form the heavy shock cavalry of my army. He has a decent save and his sword of might will help the unit out if it bogs down in a protracted combat.

The two sorceresses provide the magical offence and defence of the army. Being level two they get quite a few power dice so can hopefully get a couple of spells off a turn.

The rest of the army has a pretty straight set up. The Corsairs and the Warriors hold the center with support from the repeater crossbows and Repeater bolt throwers. The Dark riders cover the flanks while the shades provide march blocking and harassing fire. Lastly my Cold one knights provide a powerful charge to break enemy units that have been depleted by my shooting and magic.


29-01-2007, 22:17
I dont recommend taking such big units of corsairs (too expensive just to get rank bonus), maybe split it in 2 to help the big block. If you want to keep the big unit I suggest trying the banner that gives extra charge distance, so you make sure you get the charge on infantry

Also, make the noble hold the seal of ghrond, since he is harder to kill than a soceress

Dark riders really need the musician imo

30-01-2007, 02:20
It's probably not a bad call to include them, but the Bolt Throwers are extremely bland. Also, I think two is very good, but four isn't neccesarily twice as good as that. Their strengths aren't how much damage they do (which I find is very overrated), but their flexibility and how it's a lot of firepower in a very small package. However, with four of the things you start to undermine those strongpoints: Four 50mm bases starts to take up a little room, you might find yourself in situations where you're only able to find very good locations for half of them and have to settle for substandard fire zones for the two others, and with four flexible units you might as well have gone for two pairs of specialised ones. Their dual-purpose value diminishes the more you take.

I'd like to see you drop two and invest in more Corsairs, making two even-sized regiments. I'm also pretty certain the War Banner would serve you better in the Knights regiment, as they lose more on being bogged down (whereupon the Corsairs lose very little impact in subsequent rounds of combat). It might also be a good idea to swap the Seal of Ghrond over to the Noble as suggested, or swap it with something more offensive. With two Level 2 Sorceresses in there allready, you should capitalise a little more on magic offense. Oh, and Musicians on the Dark Riders is pretty mandatory. The leap from rallying on Ld 8 and 9 is well worth the small investment.

Other than that it looks okay.