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sphincter man
29-01-2007, 22:39
Hey guys,
As a few of you allready know i am starting up a new Nurgle Archaon's horde and am really excited about it.

Because of this i have been posting a couple of army lists to see what you guys think.

This army will be used mainly against High Elves and Lizardmen. I will be playing a vamp counts army from time to time aswell.

So... here it is:


Chaos Lord
Mark of Nurgle, Blade of Blood, Death’s Head, Armor of Damnation, Daemon Steed, Shield

Chaos Sorcerer
Mark of Nurgle, Lvl 2 Caster, Dispel Scroll x2

Chaos Sorcerer
Mark of Nurgle, Lvl 2 Caster, Dispel Scroll x2

Core Units

5 Chosen Knights of Chaos
Full Command, Mark of Nurgle, Plague Banner

18 Chosen Warriors of Chaos
Free Command Upgrade, Shields, Mark of Nurgle, Great Weapons,

25 Marauders of Chaos
Free Command Upgrade, Flails, Shields, Light Armor

10 Warhounds

8 Warhounds

Beast of Nurgle

Total: 2,000

I plan to use the warhounds and marauders on the front line as expendible, shield units.

The 10 warhounds will be used to shield my knights on the left flank.

The 8 warhounds will be placed in the middle and will be a fast-moving unit which i can use to tie the more dangerous enimy units down in close combat.

The Beast of Nurgle will be in the middle of the army

The marauders will be used on the right flank and will shield the chosen warriors.

The lord will go with the chosen knights
One sorcerer will go with the warriors while the other will go with the marauders.

what do you guys think?? be nice :cries:

sphincter man
30-01-2007, 18:49
If i was playing an army with high leadership, like HE i would probably drop all the marks except the lord's and hero's (1+ wound.)
If i was playing a low magic army i would drop both sorcerers two of these:

• Exalted champion
Mark of Nurgle, enchanted shield, filth mace

If i did that i would add another knight to my chosen knights.

what do you think??