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29-01-2007, 22:20
hello there,
this is my current working brets list after a year off playing and i wondered if anyones got any helpful comments? 2000 points

Basic premise- balanced list, not char or knight heavy. comes after initial lots of wins with banner of lady and grail knights so i wanted a bit more of a challenge and to feel less cheesey...

Lord-Quest, Horse, Might, E Shield (110+12+21+20+10) 173
Paladin-BSB,Horse,Biting (60+14+10) 84
Damsel 1-Lvl 2, Barded Horse, Scroll (70+35+10+4+25) 144
Damsel 2- Lvl 2, Horse, Scroll, Chalice of Malfeur (70+35+10+25+20) 160

So only 561 on the chars, just a general good balance with magic and offence. I know the bsb is underpowered but i'm choosing men over swords. And if i know i need to worry less about magic i could scavenge some points from scrolls. With the damsels i'm obsessed with USING them rather than just stupid scroll caddies, so i'm planning on having one out o unit to actually cast spells, now hopefully that'd be the one with barding and no chalice... we'll have to see.

7 Realm- Command (168+24) 192
BSB and 1 damsel added
8 Quest- Command, War (224+27+25) 276
Lord in here
3 Grail- 114
this is my main assault block, hopefully lined up favouring me, quest against the tougher or more psychological opponents. The grail knights are there cos i like them and just to provide that little something extra with combined charges. I've previously been running them on 6 but sold them off to buy more peasants, so we'll have to see if 3 is effective or if they just get toasted...

6 Errant- Banner (120+14) 134
3 Pegasus- 165
5 Yeomen- Shield, Musician (75+5+7) 87
5 Yeomen- Shield (75+5) 80
OK, support units. In theory the Errant and Musician Yeo's would flank, distract whatever. Being enough of a force to need action whilst deflecting attention from my main advance.
While the Pegs and other Yeo's would go in the main group. Yeo's to get shot for a turn and pegs to provide that handy 360 charge to get me out of tight spots. Again this is new but i've come to realise that pegs are too good for war machine hunting and i want them more central in the battle field for their abililty to respond quicker.

3x10 Archers- 1 w skirmish (3x60+10) 170
20 Men @ Arms- Standard (100+10) 110
Trebuchet 90
last but not least the peasants. Main aim here is not too bunch them up too much so they don't get to hit by panic. No idea how to use M@As yet as only just finished painting them. Again part of the more balanced force drive.

SOO, what d'ya think?
Obvious weak spots are really hard magic and very aggresive cavalry armies? For myself this isn't a tournament list so i don't want super hard but fun and enjoyable. And i really DO want to keep damsels useful rather than stupid scroll caddies which seems a real shame too me.

Cheers then