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30-01-2007, 15:48
Hey folks,

I have been working on a slaanesh themed fantasy army. I have also pulled alot of theme from the old D&D drow society. All my models are converted to be female (except for demons), even my demonprince. I do have a difficult time often getting by my fluff to make a competitive list and I was counting on you experienced Warseer bunch to give me a hand. I would prefer not to use Beasts as they are hard to convert to fit my fluff. I have been using either dark elf or dark eldar models for conversions - again only the female parts. I have several models converted that I just dont know what to represent or where to use.. here is what I have..

2 spawn converted (could be put on large bases to be model on demonic mount)
2 slaanesh chariots - 1 with a sorceress- both converted
1 Demonprincess
5 maurader cav
6 mounted demonettes - love these gals
6 furies

I wanted to put a champion on a steed of slaanesh with the beserker sword in a unit of warhounds.. is this a bad idea? Should they go with mounted marauders instead? With such a large base again cav units the beserker sword should really shine- +4 attacks and str 5 is nothing to scoff at. I have a character converted to be a drider and I was going to use the spiders from the BFSP box set for the "warhounds"

I was also thinking of using a level 4 sorceress with the demon sword- put her in a chariot so she has a good armor save- again, good idea?

I could convert a large unit of driders to count as ogres or minotaurs if needed?

I could also convert knights out of dark elf bits as well.

Again, any thoughts on lists, units to include and modelling tips would be greatly appreciated. All the folks in my gaming group use super hard lists- 2 bretonnian, 2 lizardman all cav, 1 Slaanesh, an orc army with 7 chariots, 1 wyvern mounted lord, 2 giants and 15 spider riders etc etc. Help me build a list that with some tactics, I have a chance to beat them.

Another idea I had was this - and I would really appreciate your thoughts on this
Take each type of elf - high, wood and dark and have them represent a faction of the chaos gods
I.e. Dark Elves would most definitely be Slaanesh- make a unit or two using dark elf models then perhaps include some slaanesh demons. High elves might be Tzeentch because of their adeptness with magic. Finally, wood elves might be Khorne (i.e. wild riders) could use some mounted marauders with flesh hounds.To bind them all could be a Undivided demon princess. How would you rate an army like this at a tourney as far as comp and what units would you put in it?

30-01-2007, 19:49
What scale of game do you play (pointswise?) It sounds like your playing 4000 point games if someone is fielding 7 orc chariots, and at that scale, you are going to need a helluva lot more models. Also, where you planning on playing a Hordes of Chaos Mortal Slaaneshi Army, or the Cult of Slaanesh from Storm of Chaos?

30-01-2007, 20:07
We play 2250 games.

His list is 25 models
15 spider riders
7 chariots
2 giants
1 orc on wyvern

both the orc general and 2 of his bosses are savage orcs so 2 of the chariots and wyvern are frenzied.

30-01-2007, 21:14
Well, just take a lot of magic against that, and you will win.

Cannons would be nice against those chariots, but you can't really get that. Use some big blocks of troops so soak the chariots hits, and use some heavy magic to kill the monsters and chariots before they hit. Charge the spider riders with your mounted daemonettes.

30-01-2007, 22:15
Given that you have two lord level daemonic models I'd suggest a slaanesh daemonic legion of either the Hordes or storm of chaos variety.

You could use the Keeper as your general and downgrade the princess to be an Exalted daemon. You wouldn't have a role for the marauders but that's better than not having a role for the keeper of secrets. Alternatively you could do a hordes of chaos daemonic legion which can be quite effective as well that would allow you your planned hero on steed of slaanesh (which could in a Storm of Chaos Daemonic legion be a herald on steed of slaanesh.)

Check out www.thedaemoniclegion.com for more DL hordes or storm version advice.

30-01-2007, 22:27
Can someone give me some advice about putting an aspiring champion with warhounds? And would anyone have a problem with me subbing out warhounds for spiders? (Same base and same movement value)

30-01-2007, 22:58
You should be able to easily outmanuever and get the charges off against those chariots, especially the frenzied chariots, which have to charge any bait you put infront of them. Now, since chariots can't march, and havea move of 7, your troops, which are some of the most manueverable in the game, should easily be able to pull those chariots into traps by fleeing as a charge response, and then countercharging. Its also important to note that if you get the charge off (which should be cake with something like a unit of mounted daemonettes with their 20" charge), that you deprive him both of his impact hits, and, if I recall correctly, the extra attack his characters get for being frenzied. Also, since chariots don't have a 360 degree charge arc, if you just manuever around it, you should be able to do some decent damage with and spell casters you have using the first spell off the lore of slaanesh. Even chariots fall to d6 S6 hits.

30-01-2007, 23:33
With regards to your question about warhounds, its a nice idea, I've tried it myself, however, a cunning player will direct all his attacks at the unit of warhounds, who are very easy to kill, and will likely beat you with combat resolution in a round or two once you lose rank bonus, unless their troops are dying at a signifigantly greater rate (which is plausible with that tooled up chaos lord, assuming they aren't terribly elite troops themselves). Also, remember that as that he is on a larger base, he can still be singled out for shooting, and so the unit doesn't actually keep him safe. I have had more luck running the chaos lord behind a screen of hounds, since he won't panic if they flee through him, and they can benefit from his leadership (if he is the general), and so are less likely to flee in the first place. Once they are in combat, he just shoots around to the side and hits the flank of the unit they are fighting. I will admit that I havn't tried this in 7th ed yet, so I'm not sure if there are any subtle rule changes that might make it less plausible.

Oh, and paint your spiders in a slaaneshi color scheme and maybe throw an odd mutation conversion in there, and I'm sure your opponents won't mind as long as you make it clear prior to the game that they are "counts as" models for warhounds.

30-01-2007, 23:42
I thought it would be a cheap unit to outnumber with. With warhounds at 5 apiece, you could take 20 of them and with the beserker sword, you should be able to clear almost a rank and limit opponents strike backs, also, with a flank attack you should definitely be able to clear 3 or so enemies. With the steed of slaanesh causing fear, that makes the warhounds immune to fear as well. I am still worried about the character failing a ldr test, heck they only have a ldr of 8 and with the unit of warhounds, lose their immune to psychology. Is this a valid fear?

Has anyone paid the 35 points and put a character into a unit of mounted demonettes? Of course with only 15 pts left over, that doesnt give much for killy ability.

31-01-2007, 00:07
When you say, paid the 35 points, what are you referring to? To the best of my understanding, a non daemon character may not, at any time, join a unit of daemons. Even if he is riding a daemonic steed. The only exception to this is the magic item that turns your character into a daemon, which I have always felt was to high risk an item to use, even if it is only 5 pts. The loss of Immune to psychology is why I use the warhounds to screen. I still, on occassion, put a lord on a barded chaos steed in a unit of warhounds, since then they can prevent the enemy from shooting him, which is worthwhile, and they move the same speed, so they aren't slowing him down any.

31-01-2007, 01:29
He may be referring to chalice of chaos (?) which makes the character daemonic.

The character in a big unit of warhounds has the problems mentioned EXCEPT being picked out due to base size. That's been changed between 6th and 7th.

I've used the chalice on several occasions and loved it. You get fear, magical attacks and a daemonic save -that's well worth it to me.

I think the plastic spiders from skull pass would make great warhounds

31-01-2007, 02:37
You loved the chalice? Doesn't it also mean that you get instability and can't join mortal units? Which means that fear wouldn't be terribly useful, cos your unit causes fear, your save can be negated and isn't as good as Gaze of the Gods, and if you fail a Ld test you pop?

The chalice seemed to me to be the single most worthless peice ogf equipment in the army book.

By the way, love your choice with the spiders, Lolth rocks. I'm jealous for that idea. Though I would make the list a cult of Slaanesh. That way you actually are using Dark Elves, you've got plenty of female units, and access to one scarey creature called the Druchii Annointed (large base, a la deamon princess) - lord level combat with hero level magic and access to both Chaos and Druchii wargear lists... And your Witch Elf equivalents don't frenzy, but have the same attacks and immune to psych anyway... Really its win win.

31-01-2007, 04:04
Yes I did mean the chalice, I thought that would be pretty good to use it and put my character into some mounted daemonettes... talk about speed, and equip her with a flail, str 7 on the charge.

My army started as a cult of slaanesh, but I didnt like the play style, I wanted speed, and the devouted kind of slow you down. Not to mention you cant use chariots and I converted some good ones. My army uses all dark elf female models at the present and any other female models I could find via dark eldar etc. My one spawn model is the old Ariel model converted with the steed of slaanesh, I figured who better for Slaanesh to entice but the queen of the wood elves. I should take the Orion model and convert him as well, although I would be abandoning my all female theme. What do you guys think of slaanesh spawn? I have to say, I have never had much success with them. Every time I get a high enough roll to get where I want and make a charge, my opponent rolls 6's to wound my spawn and kills it, I swear it has happened everytime I get the charge, and heck, 2 of them are almost the cost of a giant.

31-01-2007, 19:19
I find that the cult of slaanesh army is actually extremely manueverable. The slowest units move 5, and you can build a very fast list with it, using dark riders (m9), Mounted Daemonettes (m10), and Cold One Knights or Chaos Knights (m7). I used to run a (admittedly not very effective) list that had all 4 of those options, and a solid core of devoted of slaanesh, who, if they make it into combat, are unbelievable, a unit 5 wide makes 16 attacks a turn, which almost always are both striking first, and hit on 3+. The only problem I had with this list was that it was very small, and my opponents are very fond of large blackpowder gunlines, which can be a problem if they neutralise your magic phase effectivly.