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30-01-2007, 19:46
Emporers Childrens forces:-

Slaaneshi Terminator Lord
Master crafted lightning claws, bionics, personal icon
Daemonic strength, resilience, rune and mutation
Furious charge

Slaaneshi Chosen Terminators (6)
Aspiring champ with sonic blaster, doom siren, dark blade and bionics
Power weapons, 3 sonic blasters, 2 blastmaster

Daemonettes (6)

Noise Marine Squad 1 (6)
Aspiring champion with sonic blaster
CC weapons, 4 sonic blasters, blastmaster

Noise Marine Squad 2 (6)
Aspiring champion with sonic blaster
CC weapons, 4 sonic blasters, blastmaster

Noise Marine Squad 3 (6)
Aspiring champion with sonic blaster
CC weapons, 4 sonic blasters, blastmaster

Noise Marine Squad 4 (6)
Aspiring champion with sonic blaster and daemonic strength
CC weapons, 4 sonic blasters, blastmaster

Noise Marine Bikers (6)
Aspiring champion with master crafted close combat weapon, sonic blaster, demonic strength and teleport homer
CC weapons, 4 sonic blasters
Skilled Riders

Dread CCW, doom siren, blastmaster, warp amp, extra armour

Noise Marine Havocs (6)
Aspiring champion with sonic blaster
CC weapons, sonic blaster, 4 blastmasters
Tank hunters

Titan (Defiler)
Battle cannon, reaper autocannon, heavy flamer
Daemonic possession, warp amp

Hive Fleet Nostromo forces:-

Hive Tyrant
Venom cannon, TL devourers
+1BS, +1S

+1S, implant attack
Stealers (12)

Warriors (5)
+1I, +1WS, +1S, flesh hooks, bio-plasma, wings
Scything talons, rending claws

Warriors (4)
+1BS, +1S
2 devourers, deathspitter, barbed strangler

Termagants (24)

Hormagants (12)
+1I, +1WS, +1S

Hormagants (12)
+1I, +1WS, +1S

Stealers (12)

Stealers (12)

Synapse, warp blast

+1BS, spinebanks
Barbed strangler, venom cannon

2 scything talons

The game was played on a 4x4 ash waste board with cityfight buildings (yes it's unpainted, i am trying to get everything done but have only just managed to kick myself into starting my nids), the mission being seek and destroy at gamma difficulty.


Deployment (map is only rough):-


Purple 1-4 = Noise marine squads
Purple H = Havocs
Half white = Terminator Lord
box = Dread
wibbly thing = Titan (defiler)
D = Daemonettes
T = Chosen terminators

1-2 = Genestealers
Half black left = Broodlord
Border around^ = Retinue
W = Winged warriors
S = Shooty warriors
TE = Termegants
H1-2 = Hormegants
C = Combatfex
G = Gunfex
Half black right = Zoanthrope
T = Tyrant

The ultimate extreme model rep for a heirophant, unfortunately i wasn't allowed to use it as it kept leaving the table of it's own accord:-

30-01-2007, 19:52
hehe, mean :D

30-01-2007, 20:11
Emperors Children Turn 1:-

The chaos marines hear a sinister scuttling coming from in front of them, some think they see movement and fire, revealing their positions, but their shots fall short. The infiltrating marines and havocs attempt to fire at the shooty warriors and termies respectively, but all they see is slight movements in the ash ahead, their shots hit only dust. One squad of the traitors moves to investigate auspex readings nearby.

Tyranid Turn 1:-

Acompanied by bursts of ash, the tyranids errupt from the dusty ground, where they had hidden themselves during first light, as one, surging forwards. The termies and half the stealers head straight for the enemy through an abandoned building, accompanied by the zoanthrope who sends a searing bolt into the infiltrated noise marines on the right flank, sending two of them silently to the ground. Meanwhile the warriors and second unit of stealers bolt for the infiltrated marines, the warriors cause one to fall in ecstacy as a devourer shot hits a soft spot, the grubs worming their way through the unfortunate victims body causing him an ecstatic pain. The smaller creatures speed seems to be seeped away by the loose footing (poor fleet rolls). Ahead the broodlords unit advances behind cover.


30-01-2007, 20:45
Emperors Children Turn 2:-

Hearing the cacophony of the sonic weaponry the rearguard of the traitor force arrives, with the titan and lord charging into the broodlord, music blaring. The dread moves in to bolster the chaos line. The chaos marines play their instruments of destruction, shockwaves from the havocs and second noise marine squad fell 18 of the termegants blazing toward them, the titan, lord, first squad and dread manage to thin out the broodlords bodyguard to just one stealer, a mass of blue ichor staining the grey dirt. Over on the other side of the battlefield the infiltrators attempt sweet revenge on the enemy, felling three stealers, but not even slowing them down.
The lord plunges into combat with the remaining genestealer (wimp) while the titan attempts to deal with the bigger one. The broodlords lightning reactions see him tear into the titans hull (3 penetrating hits!) and the demonic engine explodes, consuming the remaining genestealer in purple flame. The terminator lord makes good his escape while the broodlord is focussed on the more numerous prey.

Nostromo turn 2:-

The swarms tyrant lumbers around the edge of a building and into the fray gunning down a noise marine from the second squad with his venom cannon. The broodlord charges straight past the first squad of noise marines, clearly intent on the second large lump of metal and flesh in his way. Meanwhile the rest of the swarm advances on the traitor marines, unnafected by the losses they've sustained. A unit of winged warriors swoops for the fourth squad of traitors, their speed isn't great enough though and they fall short. The second squad of stealers don't however and the remaining three members are, well, dismembered. The zoanthrope fells two more marines from squad two with another bolt.
The dreadnought collapses as the squealing remains of a dead traitor are removed from the front sarcophagus by the genestealers taloned claws, no sooner done than it is bearing down on squad two for more bloodshed!

(Confusing map alert!)

30-01-2007, 21:14
Emperors Children Turn 3:-

The marines do a little emergency redeployment (i.e. running away). The bike unit comes roaring on (forgot them in the key) and fires on the zoanthrope, but the floating beast deflects the shots harmlessly, third squad manage better however, causing a wound on the creature with the best riff they'd ever played! The havocs fell four more termegants, leaving only two of the brood alive. A summoning of daemonettes burst from the warp next two the broodlord, two are immediately sent back by slashing claws, the rest however manage to bring down the heroic beast :cries: .

Nostromo Turn 3:-

The prey are weakening despite their reinforcements. The swarm advances around the ruins in perfect concert. The tyrant moves forward to fire again, however, there is nothing in sight not already being dealt with. The zoanthrope evapourates two bikers in retaliation for their wasted shots and a lone unit of hormagants move on near two lumbering carnifex. The daemonettes and squad 2 are promptly eaten by the advancing stealers, as are squad 3 by the other unit.


Chaos Turn 4:-

The terminators turn up just in time to teleport back out with their lord. The remaining chaos forces are slaughtered. (Player concedes)

30-01-2007, 21:33

Thanks for the battle report :)

BTW: How many cans of black primer spray did you need for the titan? :D

30-01-2007, 21:42
three coats from one can, then a light drybrush of 1-1 bestial brown and chaos black, followed by some random yellow for the eyes. it was a pain keeping it still during that though!

30-01-2007, 22:01
What were the deployment zones for this battle? And did the first turn have night-fighting in effect?

The Song of Spears
30-01-2007, 22:25
So why were there Tyranids in reserves? Were you using gamma rules with escalation or just holding units off the table for some other reason?

31-01-2007, 16:36
right, i made a booboo and only remembered at work today. it was omega level not gamma, got my greek letters mixed up. night fighting wasn't in effect, concealment however was, which is why for the first time ever as nids i elected to go second.

the deployment zones were 15" on from top and bottom, one unit of noise marines infiltrated, as did the broodlord and retinue.

The Song of Spears
31-01-2007, 16:55
Ok, that makes more sense. But what about the points i add up about 1850 for the nids and about 2150 for the EC?

31-01-2007, 19:11
Umm, bad maths on my part with the nids, bad memory on behalf of the EC player, i only noticed when putting up the army list for this. It was meant to be 2000 pts each, i really should find my calculator.

31-01-2007, 19:58
Interesting to see someone else who also calls his Tyranids' Hive fleet Nostromo :p

31-01-2007, 20:11
It's cool to have an alien reference, if only i was good enough to paint shiny black nids with green bits and convert them all to have no eyes then i would!