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30-01-2007, 21:00
Well, I am an absolute beginer to the fantasy scene and was wondering what all the experianced tomb kings players do with the alotment of points at their disposal. I have a rough idea about what my list will contain but I'm not quite sure what is as effective as it looks on paper.

This is what I want my lower point list to look like:

tomb prince with chariot, the healing speer, and the 4+ ward save magic item

2 cheepish lich priests, who don't nead much magic in the form of upgraids, mabey just some defensive stuff though...

a large unit of archers, which will be on a hill if there is one, and be fireing twice with one of the liches

a unit of heavy cavalry

a unit of chariots for my prince

a skull catapult for the second lich to make shoot again

I have no clue how many points this is so can anyone give me a rough idea of that and anything else that is worth a gander


31-01-2007, 00:41
Welcome to fantasy and the Tomb Kings. You seem to have a good start to an army here. From what you have picked out, you seem to want a fast force with a ranged element.
I would reccomend forgetting about the heavy cav though. TK "Heavy" cav is more like medium cav in practice. They have a pretty weak save (4+), cannot march, and in the end it is still a skellie on top of that horse, meaning you can't count on it actually hitting anything.
I wouls also suggest that your Tomb King does not need the ward save since he can hold his own and has the wound-sucking spear. Go for the enchanted shield and anything else to improve his armor save, it'll be cheaper and more effective in the end.
Also, instead of one big unit of archers, consider making it two smaller units of archers. That way you can target different units and have more targets for your enemy to worry about. Personally, I have very little faith in the TK archery since you never hit on better than a 5, but it can be effective en masse, so if you want them, load up on them.
What you have listed looks like about 1000 points, so to scale it up to 2000 points, I would add more blocks of skellies and consider using those special slots. Go for some Ushabti of Tomb Scorpions. I use two Scorpions in every game.
Finally, I would give some thought to the Casket of Souls. I can't say enough good things about it, and to list everything I think about it would require hours to type out. Suffice it to say that it is a bargain even if it never goes off because of the psychological advantage it grants. Opponents fear the casket so much that they will save dispell dice specifically to stop it, this allows you to get most of your other spells off much more consistently. Plus it makes a nice centerpiece for your army and your battle line. Just place your catapault next to it and that liche will never be lacking something to cast on.
Anyway, best of luck with your new army.

31-01-2007, 01:22
Indeed, a casket and a screaming skull near together go great because the liche on the casket can steal make the catapult shoot and unleash that all feared light of death.

31-01-2007, 14:00
I find that at least two of the following come in very handy - tomb swarms, scorpions, or carrion. Carrion for march blocking first and then to help with war machine hunting and if the opportunity presents itself for a quick hit on a lone mage. Tomb swarms and scorpions using It Came From Below (ICFB) can make quick work of war machines, small units of archers, etc.

Also my experience (which may or may not work for your style of play and that of your opponents) has been to only use cav when you go with an all offensive force (all movement 6 or more except for swarms (ICFB)). Even then an all offensive force for Tomb Kings is iffy.

You will need a block or two of 25 or so skeleton warriors as tar pits to hold your opponents blocks in combat while you flank them with your chariots, ushabti, etc.

Magic is what makes or breaks Tomb Kings. That (plus the fact that we always have to take two characters - a general and a heirophant) is why we tend to suck at lower point games (not enough magic). But, at 2000 points, we really come into our own. Throw in a bound spell or two (or the casket) and we are casting six incantations a turn.

31-01-2007, 17:16
I may as well start with thanks for your time.

As for the list, I like to have one big shooty unit so I can just use one spell to shoot again. If I split them, it means i nead 2 spells to get the same effect.

As a question, can the archers shoot a different target with the second shooting in the magic phase or does it have to be the same one?

The horses are mainly there to fill the second core choise, but I think two basic skeles would do better than one horse, so I'll trade them in for a squad of about 20-25 spear skeles.

I love ushabti, and thought this list would be nearer 1500 so will definately be taking a squad of these guys.

The casket has always bean at the top of my list, I just thought at lower point games (1500-) it wouldn't really be worth it, but since it apparently is...

I don't like swarms, S2 is not going to do much good unless I make a prety big investment on them, and if I wanted a lot of poison attacks, I would have gone for 60 skinks :p.

My list is mostly going to be used defensively, waiting for the opponent to come to me. The archers and catapult are meant to thin down squads, then the chariots charge to give me a nice handful of impact hits, then strike first in combat with my prince. The horses are than suposed to come around the back, rear charge and wipe out the squad. This does mostly revolve around my magic though, and that my archery does as well as I think it will.

31-01-2007, 19:36
Personally, I would go with skellie blocks with light armor, hand weapons, and shields for the extra save in close combat.

I most often play my Tomb Kings defensively. At 2000 points I take two catapults. Often I will attach a Tomb Prince to each catapult but keep my block of 24 warriors (hand weapon and shields) and block of 24 archers close enough so that the TPs can join them when close combat is imminent. More than once my TPs have saved my catapults by charging out and taking on ghouls, assassins, or others sent to eliminate the war machines.

Not a very mobile army that way so it is hard to win big but it is very nice to have up to 4 catapult shots per turn!

31-01-2007, 21:59
If you take spears, don't they still count for the extra save in combat (4+ total)?

01-02-2007, 13:49
No, spears do not count as hand weapons for the 4+ cc save. I have found the hand weapon, shield, light armor combo resulting in the 4+ save in cc to be much more effective than spears. Skellies don't kill much anyway(fear and outnumbering are their best weapons) so the extra save I think works much better.

02-02-2007, 21:42
Welcome to the rakns of Khemri!

Just a few bits of advice

1) My ultimate unit: unit of 3 chariots w/ icon of sacred eye and your tomb prince/king w/ spear of antihark. With banner u get + 1 to hit and with prince in unit u WILL get the charge unless u have bad luck or u get an additional attack round. I've literally wiped out a unit of 25 spear elves ON THE CHARGE. They never even got to attack.

2) Your best friend is the Tomb scorp. Just one of these can take out or at least bother a unit of 10 HE archers. Also they are the ultimate artillery killer.

3)If your using the SSC make sure you are good at range guesing. I have terrible luck w/ the thing even though i can get w/in an inch of my target on the guess, but i never hit them. It is good for getting your opponent to spread his units out just in case you do wound someone. This makes it easier to take out units since they have no back-up.

4) I would not use our Heavy Cav. They are not worth the points. I do love our Light Cav though. I use one sometimes 2 units of "Spunky" (light) horsemen.

5) Magic Is the key to your army. Controll the magic phase and you will do far better.

02-02-2007, 21:54
I like your list because its similiar to mine but I tend to gear my entire list to a mobile element.

Tomb Scorpians are one of the best, if not the best units for tomb kings. They get there points back nearly every time for me and your opponents will fear them simple because they are so powerful.

Carrion are just sick. My favorite thign to do against an empiure or dwarf player is to use magic to charge my carrion into his war machines turn 1. Cannons? What cannons?

My favorite set up lord wise is a tomb king in chariot with flail of the skulls and a unit with the icon of the sacred eye. Charge that unit into a unit, issue a challenge and watch the combat resolution points rank up from the lord alone. Heros die pretty fast to him also due to the +1 hit and the stregth of the attacks.

Many people dislike TK heavy cav but i personally love them just for the fluff behind my army. Granted, one on one with any elite or other heavy cav theyll lose unless you get lucky but with magic Ive never had a problem gettign them into a flank. Give them a warbanner and your good to go. The banner that raises dead men(dotn have my book) also works well.

Just my 2 cents.

02-02-2007, 22:07
I've writen a proper list now I have the book in the army section so if you want to cheak that out...

I have added 2 scorpions as they are the only real way of takinf out fire lines as they usually can't be shot since they'll get into combat 1st turn they pop up (unless they get a tunnel accident!)

16-04-2007, 13:37
alot of people think taking the casket for anything under 1500 pts is iffy / beardy but, as someone posted earlier its a psych thing and a dispell dice sink. so your more likely to get some of your other benefical spells off.

I played a 1500 pt list this weekend, and was
tomb prince on foot in a unit of 20 tomb guard
liche priest and casket with hermetic jar..once a game 2 incantations
liche priest with blue keprah.
not very good items on my heroes but i plan to change that around next time.
1 block of 20 skeletons
2 units of 3 chariots
1 unit of 5 heavy cav...umm i wish i hadn't taken these to be honest not really worth the pts. i would rather have 3 more chariots and or 2 units of 10 archers.

id take scorpions but this list is pretty much 1500 pts on the nose. I think i would of been better off with a scorp instead of heavy cav but since u only get 3 specialsunder 2 k the 2 chariots and the tomb guard take that up for me. i did well this week end, im still learning how to play my army but having fun. and the magic phase is your biggest asset.

I would agree with the breaking the archers up into blocks of 10, cause your never going to get more then 10 shots unless uplan on spreading your group into 2 ranks of 10, but if you want em in a big block its your choice.