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31-01-2007, 01:09
This weekend I plan to grab the BRB and familiarize myself with the Fantasy game system. I am looking at the Wood Elves but I have delay starting to play cause of the opinions I've hear about them. Good army but hard to play and delicate, strategy being the key. I want to here from you guys the pros and cons, basic strats. Favored units too. Thanks everyone.

31-01-2007, 01:29
Hard hitting on the charge
Great psychological army
Very fast, manoevrable force
Good supporting archery

Can't win extended combats/firefights
Extremely poor toughness and armour
High points cost / model (not a single model under 12 pts)
Struggle to get through T6 or 2+ saves.

My preferred strat is the refused flank, deploying my fast cav on one side and an anvil of solid combat units on the other, then swinging the fast cav around to concentrate my power on the other flank. The enemy will generally struggle to keep pace, and that sort of concentration of power is what the WE army needs to succeed. Any sort of fast assault, using the terrain to limit what your enemy can throw into the mix, is the key to winning with WE. Archery is purely supporting - Glade Guard die like flies when anything so much as looks at them. They're great support, but nothing more than that.

Dryads are the cornerstone of my offensive force.
Eternal Guard or Treekin are great at holding the line.
Wardancers are a fantastic shock unit, but fragile.
Glade Riders are great, versatile units.
Glade Guard are really good supporting archers.
Treemen are a tough shock unit, good for holding up tough monsters.
Great Eagles are great for redirecting and war machine hunting.

Yes, that's every unit except Warhawks [overpriced], Waywatchers [too specialised for my taste] and Scouts [overpriced, except as a delivery for Banner of Zenith]. I think WE are a well designed army, with almost every unit being well priced and working well together as an army. You will get some cries of cheese simply for fielding WE, but that's life.

31-01-2007, 01:51
Well, I have had great success with them. Played mainly around the 1000 point range but have had a few 2k and 3k games. First off I play a winter list with only one forest spirit unit. in my opinion the core units for WE really shine. The glade guard can be absolutely devestating and are one of my favorite units. My prefered tactic is basically to create mini ambushes in different places on the board and force my opponent to split thier attentions and then use my rapid movement to focus on a small part of thier army with a larger portion of mine while keeping 2 units of glade guard back peppering my foes. You should take full advantage of the fact that you don't suffer movement penalties for shooting. The WE mobility is its key I have found.

As for units

In general they are very skilled at whatever it is they do but lack survivability. Not very tough and do not have access to much armor.

Highborn- good all round lord, suprisingly in my 2k army he is not the general but is run as an Alter Kindred with the Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Annoyance of Netlings and a great weapon. He has worked out very well as an annoyance to heavily armored units and acts as a decint assassin as well.

Spell Weaver- access to other magic other than Lothorean although I don't see many reasons for choosing a different one. Grants more magical potency and better defense. I don't run one but my friend does and it works well for him.

Treeman Ancient- Tough as tails and hard hitting to boot. This guy is a decent monster. Add in the ability to move forests and a range attack and he is a good lord choice. Able to take a charge and come out just fine he can give some survivability to an army that generally lacks it.

In general the same ups and downs as lords.

Noble- I love these guys and they form the bulk of my charcter selection. My general is either a scouting noble with the hail of doom arrow or a wardancer noble. These guys should be outfitted to go with a specific unit and customized accordingly.

Spell Singer- Just like the Weaver they are mages and act best in a support role. Depending on what spell/s you roll they can be offensive but I much prefer the spells that augment your troops. It is really fun to make Dryads cause terror or those wardancers cause fear. In one game my unit of Glade Guard held against a Chaos Chosen Knight's charge due to the fact that my mage was able to make them regenerate.

Branch Wraith- Never used one so can't talk too much about thier ups and downs...

Th WE core units work best in smaller numbers. Scouts can't hide very well when there are 10 of them and there isn't much that a unit of 20 glade guard can do that 2 units of 10 won't do better.

Glade Guard- the bread and butter of my army. They can lay down a constant barrage of failry accurate fire and when the enemy gets closer thier bows get stronger. Try to keep the enemy right at that magic 15 inch range, too far out for most things to charge but bows are still st-4. Also consider making one unit scout. Scouts with the march block banner is one of the most annoying things that a close combat army can experience. For your scouts run them small. One last warning, don't waste points on unit upgrades except for the scout banner bearer. They don't do a lot for the glade guard except give more vp to your opponent if they are caught.

Dryads- Good close combat unit and provides some tougher and stronger guys for the army. I personally use one of 10. I like to hide them in a forest and make people think twice about going after my archers. With thier fairly high movement they are also good at reaching the enemy flanks and rear.

Glade Riders- These guys are important because they are one of the few units you have that can negate enemy ranks. To add to that they are also fast cav and so can march, refrom, and shoot alla t the same time. I use these guys to get rid of warmachines, and make my opponent choose if he wants to get charged in the flank by these guys, my dryads or wardancers.

Eternal Guard- Only core if your army is lead by a highborn, I am not all taht impressed with them. They can get a rank bonus, which is rare in the WE army and have a hard time running away as long as a noble or highborn is with them. Thier failing in my opinion is that they are still strenght and toughness 3 and I would rather have more archers to wittle down my enemies nubmers before they reach me.


Wardancers- What is not to like about wardancers. They have great weapon skill, a good number of attacks, get st 4 when charging and have access to 4 dances that lets yoy tailor thier abilities for the particular combat they are involved in. They also have a ward save, albeit a 6+ which can help thier survivability a little. Down side? Cost and they become a target priority. Everyone that plays against them seems to hate them and makes thier death a top priority

I will leave the other specials to someone else, due to the theme of my army I don't use them.


Waywatchers- Now these guys are really fun. Improved scout, make better use of cover, ranged killing blow and two hand weapons makes for a very versitile, deadly, and expencive unit. Try to keep them in a forest and when the enemy gets close run through it so they can't charge you. I have seen opponents get so preoccupied with trying to catch and kill my waywatchers that they almost forget what the rest of my army is doing.

As with specials, most of the other Rare choices are closed to me due to my theme.

I'll add more later, but right now tired of typing :)

31-01-2007, 21:22
Whoa, nice read out. Thanks guys. I appreciate it. All I need is get my hand on the BRB and I'll make my decision about Fantasy as whole. Primarily got me interested in WE is the color theme and tactics they have to use.

10-02-2007, 06:16
Just got the codex! It has some pretty cool fluff. I was wondering what would be a good purchase for a balanced 1000pts list to start with? Thanks in advance

10-02-2007, 09:03
WE at lower points are great because you will do fine with simply one hero I find, you can really afford to not go hero heavy and just maximize on your ultra effective troops.

Wood Elves are scariest at lower point games I've found.

11-02-2007, 16:34
This is a basic idea I had for an army. What do you guys think?
Wood Elves:
3 Glade Guard squads of 10
1 Glade Guard squad scouts
1 Dryads squad of 10
13 man squad of Eternal Guards w/
1 Treeman
2 Glade Rider squads of 5
1 Wardancer Squad
1 Waywatcher Squad

11-02-2007, 21:12
Nothing wrong with your list in general terms. You'll find out for yourself what kit you want to use and tweak unit sizes to suit yourself.

As Delmont posted above, glade guard can be the bulk of your army if you choose such a set up. They certainly are not combat-worthy troops, but you don't have to fight the corpses riddled with arrows in the middle of the field, now do you?

As to what to buy. You really cannot go wrong with the WE battalion box which gets you 24 archers (glade guard, scout, even waywatcher with some conversion), 12 dryads (3/4 of the way to two 8-'man' units) and 8 glade riders (add an extra box of glade riders and you can make three 5-man units).

So, get the battalion box and maybe a single character. Play some smaller games and see what else you really want. Wardancers can do well with a single box of 10 and the command blister (can field up to 12 with this, although that's a lot of guys who won't be able to reach combat).