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31-01-2007, 09:54
I normally play 2000pt games, but soon I'm playing my first 4000pt game. It's against my mates Bretonnians. He's got 2500 pts of models and I'm giving him around 2000 points of Brets my brother gave me last year (I haven't gamed with them yet.)

I know I'll be facing up to the following units (in order of my percieved level of threat!!!):

roughly 45 Knights of the realm!!!!!
12 Grail Knights
Lord on Hippogryph
6 Pegasus knights
Prophetes of the Lady (level 4)
as many paladins as he can squeeze in with the points
a few Questing knights
a few knights errant
1-3 trebuchets
a large amount of bowmen
1 -3 units of Men at arms

I've knocked up a list using the most of my models. This has came to just over 4200 points. I need to drop some, but I'm not sure what to drop...


2nd Gen Slann
Plaques: protection and cupped hands. War banner

Oldblood on Carnosaur
Itzl, Quetzl, Chotec
Blade of revered Tzunki, Aura of Quetzl, light armour, shield

(Itís my first game this size, and I definitely want both my lord models in)


Saurus Scar-Vet
Quetzl, Sotek
Jaguar charm, blade of chotec, light armour, shield

(I am currently converting up a model with a great weapon, so in the mean time this model has to do. blade of Chotec combined with his strength will give a -4 modifier though- should suffice in the tin opening department)

3 skink priests
3 dispel scrolls, 1 diadem of power and 1 curse charm of tepok

(Overkill on dispel scrolls? Possibly just take 1 Skink Priest?)


(I havenít included any champions here as against Bretonnian I donít want to deal with all the challenges they issue, especially with grail knights on the go.)

50 Saurus Warriors (2 units of 25)
Standard and Musician in each unit

19 Skinks with Javelins

12 Skinks with blow pipes

(the skink priests will be in amongst these units)

20 Temple Guard
Shields, sun standard of chotec

(thought about dropping the standard as theyíll have the cupped hands ward save, but Iím sure this unit will receive a good dose of arrows throughout the game)

8 Saurus Cavalry
Haunchiís totem

(these guys are my favourite models in my army, so they go EVERY time, even in 1000pt games! Albeit thereíll only be 5 of them then though.)

6 Kroxigor (2 units of 3)

6 terradons


3 Salamanders

Total points:

As I said, not sure what to drop. Also, should one of the skink priest be dropped for another scar-vet?

(models not used- 3 Jungle swarms, 20 skinks, scar-vet on foot model, 5 Temple guard.)

I have never played against a Lord on Hippogryph (it's one of the models I'm giving him, although he's got to assemble it first!) so I'm not sure how to handle a Bretonnian Lord with a flying terror causer, they're bad enough their donkeys. Also, I only ever have to deal with 3 pegasi, but as i'm giving him another 3, I would imagine 6 may be difficult.

Any advice or a sound plan for coping with the large volume of tin can wearing pony riders would also be helpful!!

Thanks in advance for reading through this, just realised it's a lengthly post!

31-01-2007, 10:10
hippogryphen is easy to take down, just shoot it down with poison, (large taget hits, skinks = dead bird)

An unit of 19 skinks is a bit of overkill, better to split it to 2 units, and you do want have som bate units...

I do think that you can drop an salamander and one of the priest becuse jou still have much magic and 2 salamanders can sneak against an opponent easier then 3... (Its cheaper to)

31-01-2007, 10:37
The brettonian general will throw everything at the temple guard unit so perhaps dropping a unit of kroxigors and skinks and replacing the few points left over with the totem of prophecy or warbanner on the frog wouldn't go amiss(as well as adding in four more models to the TG unit). As for facing brettonians make sure that you make the templeguard a very attractive target for charging. Even if the enemy wins the combat by a massive score the TG will not run. Stubborn leadership nine on three dice with a re-roll is THE closest you can get to unbreakable without being unbreakable in the game. Then just smack the stege or Old blood into the flank and it's all over.

Dirty trick:Give the TG unit a champion and take the bears anger on the 2nd gen. He can then make the champion more than capable of cracking open some poncy bret cavalier.

31-01-2007, 11:00
If the Brettonian general throws everything against the temple guard, he is a fool, because they probably won't break, he won't kill the Slaan, and he can be hit in the flanks while sitting around and hacking away. If I were the Brett general, I would try to run over the Kroxis and the units of Lizard men. I might drop the Scar vet and some skinks, or one Shaman and some skinks.

31-01-2007, 11:10
Evryone charges the TG. They just do. For most people it's a target they just can't resist.

31-01-2007, 16:59
Thanks Dspankdo,

I like your "dirty trick" idea, although it's not really a dirty trick as such, more of an ingenious use of magic! Thanks anyway. I'm not sure about dropping Kroxigor as I hope to charge them into the flanks of any units I manage to hold up with the saurus blocks.

Should the middle of my battle line be like this:

25 Saurus - 3 Krox - TG+slann - 3 krox - 25 Saurus.

oldblood on carnosaur on one flank, steg on other? keep the Jaguar Saurus patroling the rear or send him out after the bowmen?

01-02-2007, 00:46
Send the skinks and terradons after the bowmen, and on that note maybe split the terradons up into 2 units, give them more nof a chance to get to the enemy battle line. That battleline looks fairly solid, it should be able to hold against a bret charge and the kroxis should help out a bit.