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31-01-2007, 15:16
I "have" a Highelf army (1 lord 2 mages 40+ spearmen, 20 archers and 8 silverhelms & one old repeaterbolt thrower), I dont play with it but Im planning to start it up soon when my workload at school becomes lighter and thus my question is this; Is there a point? All I read on this forum is that Highelves are bad / really hard to play, with maybe the exception of an all silverhelm force.
I'm not a very advanced player so should I just w8 for the next edition or just find a new army because if the army sucks as a whole there's no point to me collecting it. And to all you fluff/gaming for fun freaks out there I play highelves cause i love the models (especially the spearmen, mhmmm) and the feel of the army but I like the gaming side of the hobby more than painting and converting so loosing gets a bit boring after a while.
Well any help on making a good list is welcome, what units to avoid, which are good, good tactics and so on and so on.

31-01-2007, 15:50
Personally, the only WFB army I own and field is High Elves, with which I have been playing with since 5th ed, so I'll have a shot at your question.

It took me 10 games before I won one. This is because I kept chopping and changing the army until I settled on a balanced core force (more on this in a minute). Yes HE are hard to play, mainly because you will always be outnumbered due to the points cost of an individual HE - hence the 'badness' of the HE rulebook. However, as with any army, once you have grasped the basics you will win... And, no, the army doesn't suck! My current record is Played 35, Won 14, drawn 10 lost 11....

Random advice

Looking at what you have stated, I'd say that you have a strong base from which to build. I'd add some Reavers now, as it took me along time to realise how good fast cav could be.

I, personally, usually always field 10 Shadow Warriors as well. This combined with the 20 archers you have (2 units of 10?) should give you enough firepower to take down a unit.

I always aim for a combined charge if I can - Spearmen in the front and Sliver Helms in the flank. And the other thing to look at (if you intend playing a lot of opponents with war machines) are a pair of Great Eagles. I've won games based on these flyers taking out warmachines in turns 2 and 3 and then generally holding up march moves...

Hope that helps. Anything i've missed, drop me a PM and i'll reply that way.

31-01-2007, 18:07
Thx, Ive found as well that Shadow warriors are excellent (proxys). Great eagles sound logical and the rest as well. Thx. I'm stil not sure if ill pick it up again but Ill ponder it some more.

01-02-2007, 02:02
they are a little hard to grasp at first..but it comes in time.

no matter what army you pick up chances are (not always) you'll lose the first few games.

theyare getting a new book this year as the rumors go. however what you have is pretty much mainstay and they will be back so I wouldn't worry about that.