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31-01-2007, 22:45
1250 point all NG army

Im trying to make a full 1250 Nightgoblin army list. I always loved the view of a Night Goblin army. Especially when i saw a Full Night Goblin list from Jakob Nielsen. It was made from only metal figures (old old edition). I made this list and bought the BFSP box so i already have 2*5 Spiderriders, 30 NG with spears, 20 NG with shortbows and some of the new heroes and shamans.
I will convert the Great Cave Squig from the Gobbla miniature from Skarsnik boxed set and use Skarsnik as a hero or Shaman. So its still along way but its great to paint Night Goblin.
Just read the list and tell me if something is wrong or could be better. Thanks in advance

1 Night Goblin Big Boss 62 Pts
General; Light Armour
Enchanted Shield
Martog's Best Basha

Joins the unit of hw goblins

1 Night Goblin Shaman 115 Pts
Magic Level 2; Little Waagh
Magic Mushrooms
Nibbla's Itty Ring

Just for some magic counter and getting some spells off. Dont yet know where to place him or in what unit.

1 Night Goblin Big Boss 128 Pts
Great Weapon; Light Armour; Shield
Brimstone Bauble
Wollopa's One Hit Wunda

1 Great Cave Squig

This one is going hunting for anything it can and tries to do as much damage as possible, disrupting enemy lines

1 Night Goblin Big Boss 82 Pts
Light Armour; Battle Standard
War Banner

Joins the unit spear goblins so it has a high starting CR.

5 Goblin Spider Riders 70 Pts
Spear; Short Bow; Shield

5 Goblin Spider Riders 70 Pts
Spear; Short Bow; Shield

Mounted NG on the spider too make it look like a full NG list

28 Night Goblins 196 Pts
Netters; Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician

1 Night Goblin Boss

1 Fanatic

This one is my mainstay unit and the Goblin Bigboss with warbanner will join them.

28 Night Goblins 192 Pts
Netters; Shield; Standard; Musician

1 Night Goblin Boss

2 Fanatic

General Big Boss joins this unit the hw and shield and spears Ngoblins will keep close together. Getting the Gen. LD and Battlestandard bearer bonusses

30 Night Goblins 94 Pts
Shortbow; Musician

Just for flank protection dont know if i will drop them to 20 and make both fighter units 35 big.

3 Squig Herd 90 Pts

Front attack unit for weakening enemy units these will be used as a squig bomb.

5 Squig Hoppers 75 Pts

5 Squig Hoppers 75 Pts

Maybe make it into on unit of 10 dont know the pros and cons yet for using hoppers. Maybe its better because i already have 2 units of 5 spiderriders.

Casting Pool: 4

Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 130

Total Army Cost: 1249

After this the New plastic Blackorcs will join these ranks together with a giant. The list is more fluff based than gaming. But all critisism or comments are welcome feel free to mess up the list. Please dont tell me to put in Orcs or something else because that will never happen:D

01-02-2007, 09:47

Those spiders units are small,even 2 wounds can trigger a panic check wich can be fatal at ld 6 causing the domino effect.No terrain penalty is very usefull perhaps field them 10 strong?

I think 3x stone trolls are a good addition. Keep them with in 12 " of your general. Those squigs are unpredictable while you can always count on the trolls (well most of the time...)

Throwing your bsb and general in the same unit makes it a bullet/archer magnet. Think your general is best of in the other large figher unit. Flanked on one side by trolls on the other side by the bsb regiment. Gives you a solid Ng center.


01-02-2007, 10:07
Tasty list, although there are too many random things...

01-02-2007, 10:35
nice list. maybe combine the hoppers. I'm going to buy my first fanatics in A'dam tomorrow.

03-02-2007, 14:13
Nice idea, pretty similar to my NG list, but there's one fundamental problem - you have four characters. In 1250, you're only allowed three. Not sure which to drop, but if in doubt, drop the Shaman - one Wizard probably won't be that useful in general, and in 1250 two Dispel dice should be enough against most armies.

Also, I don't like giving one guy a Great Weapon and the One Hit Wunda; remember that if you have a magic weapon, you have to use it over the nonmagic weapon. As for the BSB, you should already have enough SCR to get a good chance in most combats - try the RGBRRB, it's always been fantastic for me.

Otherwise, I like the list. Nicely flavoured and pretty strong. One thing I would recommend - Pump Wagons. Don't underestimate the power of 2d6 s4 hits for 40 points!

04-02-2007, 21:12
Thanks for the advice. Combining both the squighoppers units and the spiderrider units is probably much better. With the LD 6. Im not really sure about the trolls because I never know how too use monsters (kroxigors in my Lizardmen army and the ushabti in my TK army). They always end up in the wrong position or facing an entire regiment but most of the times they never see combat.

I wanted to drop the BSB and the GEN in different units. The gen. goes with the HW and shield gobs and the BSB goes with the spear gobs.

Your right about the 4 characters. Stupid me. Didnt see that. Im dropping the shaman for 2 pumpwagons now. I already wanted to use those but by dropping the shaman i can use them.

My new list. The only problem is magic items really. Anyone got any experience with magic items for a gen and/or BSB? I know i want to use the Brimstone Bauble for the Cave sguig Boss.

Night Goblin Big Boss 72 Pts
Light Armour; Battle Standard; Warbanner

Magic items or none and leave him like this?

Night Goblin Big Boss 34 Pts
General; Light Armour; Shield

This one goes with the HW and shield NG. Anyone knows what magic items are any good for a gen?

Night Goblin Big Boss 109 Pts
Light Armour; Shield
Brimstone Bauble [25]
Great Cave Squig

Maybe give him a magic weapon or something else like a wardsave?Or like the list before the Wollopa's?

29 Night Goblins 196 Pts
Netters; Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician; Boss
1 Fanatic

29 Night Goblins 192 Pts
Netters; Shield; Standard; Musician; Boss
2 Fanatic

30 Night Goblins 94 Pts
Shortbow; Musician

3 Squig Herd 90 Pts

10 Squig Hoppers 150 Pts

2 Pump Wagon 80 Pts

10 Goblin Spider Riders @ 146 Pts
Spear; Short Bow; Shield; Musician

Casting Pool: 2

Dispel Pool: 2

Models in Army: 131

Total Army Cost: 1173

So you see i still got 77 points left for kitting out the BSB and Gen. So feel free.

I know alot of my army has a random movement but thats what i like about NG so much. Only a insane person would start a full NG army. I also think this army is not build for winning games. Its just for fun games and the winning is extra. Any advice would be more than welcome.