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01-02-2007, 02:15
so...ive finally decided my theme and such for my army. im going to go ironskin!
my reasons
a. i love armor and metal...its just cool to be a juggernaut, literally
b. i really want to use rhinox riders because theyre essentially scratch built...and i love doing that
c. no one i know plays them or even knows of them, and i love being unique
d. ironguts and leadbelchers as core!

ok, so here is my army list so far...

Lord - Ghark Ironskin w/ Mechanical Rhinox - 485pts
Hero - Bruiser - Cathayan Longsword and Heavy Armor - 142pts
Hero - Butcher - 2 Tooth Gnoblars, Dispel Scroll x1 - 160pts
Core - 4 Ogre Bulls - Standard, Extra Hand Weapons - 176pts
Core - 4 Ogre Bulls - Standard, Ironfists - 180pts
Core - 4 Ironguts - Standard, Musician - 222
Core - 4 Ironguts - Standard with War Banner, Musician - 247
Special - 20 Gnoblars - Groinbiter - 42pts
Special - 3 Rhinox Riders - Heavy Armor, Standard - 342

Total - 2001pts

let me say that Ghark and the rhinoxen are not built yet, but the rest of the army is. in keeping with the ironskin theme, i was reluctant to not choose the light armor upgrade for my bulls. I also was sort of reluctant to give no magic items to my bruiser and no ward save to Ghark.

speaking of, is ghark a special character in all sense of the word?

anyway, i read the ogre book again and something sort of made me a bit sad. "scores of leadbelchers" it said. well, i want to play fluffy...this army isnt built to be pure OMG I WANNA WIN, its supposed to be fun and flavorful.

so can anyone possibly edit this list so that i can possibly better equip my ogres but keep the rhinoxen? theres only one tyrant of the Ironskin tribe...so i doubt im going to get rid of him.

perhaps someone with experience could tell me how to use such a list?

01-02-2007, 12:17
Where you can get that special Ironskin list?? and what's Mechanical Rhinox?? :/

01-02-2007, 17:31
Nothing wrong with the list besides the Mecanical Rhinox! Orgres don't really have the know-how to build such things. But I'm sure you could work it in some how.

01-02-2007, 17:54
It's the special character's mount, built for him by Chaos Dwarves.

Can't comment on the list as I'm here looking for other peoples' Ogre lists to steal kunnin' plans from...

02-02-2007, 01:41
ok here is my non ironskin ogre list, for comparison
i think i actually like this one more because i can fit more things in it that i want, plus im not skilled enough to build Ghark just yet

Lord - Tyrant - Heavy Armor, Seige Breaker, Kineater Big Name, Fistful of Laurels, Wyrdstone Necklace - 306pts
Hero - Battle Standard Bearer - War Banner, Heavy Armor - 184pts
Hero - Butcher - 2 Tooth Gnoblars, Dispel Scroll x1, Bloodcleaver - 190pts
Core - 4 Ogre Bulls - Standard, Light Armor, Extra Hand Weapons - 188pts
Core - 4 Ogre Bulls - Standard, Light Armor, Ironfists - 192pts
Core - 35 Gnoblars - Groinbiter - 72pts
Special - 4 Ironguts - Standard, Musician - 222pts
Special - 4 Ironguts - Standard, Musician - 222pts
Special - 3 Rhinox Riders - Champion, Heavy Armor, Standard, Musician - 423pts

Total - 1999pts

what do you think of it, seeing as how i get what i want without sacrificing anything but ghark, which is probably not even legal in most games. a tyrant on a rhinox that doesnt go crazy, causes terror...its insane

oh and the ironskin list is in the rhinox riders dogs of war entry on the website.