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01-02-2007, 14:48
I have been playing dwarves for a few months now, and my army works quite well, but i've only just discovered the slayer army list, and was wondering what would work well from this list. I might paint my dwarves' beards red and say that they are slayers so that i dont have to buy many new models (except for the doomseekers and goblin hewer, which look rather cool).
The army list is available to download on the GW website.

I think i may mave invested too many points in the daemonslayer, and may re-do his runes.

341 points: Daemonslayer (skavenslayer, deathblow, master rune of alaric the mad, rune of resistance,
additional hand weapon)
179 points: Dragonslayer (vampire slayer, master rune of skalf blackhammer, additional hand weapon)

302 points: 21 Troll Slayers (4 giantslayers, standard bearer)
291 points: 20 Troll Slayers (4 giantslayers, standard bearer)
195 points: 3 doomseekers

300 points: 15 Brotherhood of Grimnir (standard with rune of battle, 4 giant slayers)
255 points: 15 Slayer Pirates (drong, musician, standard bearer)

135 points: Goblin hewer

1998 points

76 models
8 units

The slayer list looks awesome, with all of the units being slayers, it makes the entire army unbreakable and will always wound on 4+ or better, so works well against high-T enemies, although since is doesnt have any armour saves, it would ot do well against a lot of armies.

However, it has 4 basic dispell die + 1 per thousand points, i.e: 6 for 2000 points.
It gets bonus victory points for each slayer that dies in comabt from an enemy of S or T of 5 or greater.
Also, it gets a free move of 2d6 at the start of the game.

01-02-2007, 18:57
I think it would be a very attractive-looking list, but you may suffer badly from any kind of army with solid ranged combat. As long as your opponents can avoid close combat and keep skirmishing around you, they are slowly winning.

Can you somehow add some anti-warmachine / anti-gunline units? I'm not sure how much flexibility the army composition allows, but you may need to consider this, so as not to lose fairly frequently.

Of course, if you mostly enjoy your army being thematic and splendid, my hat's off to you, and I hope you will have many fun-filled hours with your slayers.

02-02-2007, 09:12
Yeah, im going to gust give all of my dwarves red beards and say that they are slayers, which will be cheaper than buying loads of new slayer models, though i'll still need to buy the doomseekers and goblin hewer, and maybe the gamesday daemonslayer, which i saw on ebay the other day.

The only missile units allowed in the slayer army are 0-1 goblin hewer (which looks quite deadly) and drong's pirates (dow unit).
The list looks underpowered when you first read through it, but when it gets into combat, it will be a match for most armies. With its slayer abilities, it is clearly designed to go against more elite high-T enemies (chaos comes to mind), and will have a difficult time against horde armies (o&g) and any army with lots of ranged units (e.g. wood elves, but who doesnt have a difficult time against them?)
Also, you get the basic slayer for just 11 points rather than 13, (however, you have to pay 14 points for them if you want to have the option of having a runic standard).
Also there are some awesome new slayer abilities, and the doomseekers are okay as well.
It's jsut a shame that they dont have any armour save, so you are an open target, which is aweful when you have so few models. I just hope to be able to get them into combat with enough models left to make a good attack.

The special rules sort of make up for the lack of variety:
Bonus move of 2D6 at the start of the game
All units are slayers (strength is at least the enemy's toughness)
Bonus victory points for every slayer that is killed in CC by an enemy of toughness 5 or higher
Basic dispell dice of 4, + 1 for every 1000 points (e.g. 6 for a 2000 points army)

24-03-2007, 11:57
295 points: Daemonslayer (deathblow, vampireslayer, master rune of flight, rune of might, rune of striking)
160 points: Dragonslayer (vampireslayer, master rune of alaric the mad)
170 points: Dragonslayer (skavenslayer, master rune of swiftness, rune of might)

237 points: 15 Slayers (standard, 4 giantslayers)
222 points: 15 Slayers (standard, 3 giantslayers)
222 points: 15 Slayers (standard, 3 giantslayers)
130 points: 2 Doomseekers

435 points: 30 Slayer pirates (drong, standard bearer, musician)

135 points: Goblin Hewer
2006 points

Parka boy
24-03-2007, 17:24
I wouldn't bother with the slayer list its boring to play with and against.
Who would have thought it an unbreakable immune to psychology army being boring?