View Full Version : What Empire stuff to add for 100 points?

02-02-2007, 11:52
Ok, to make a long story short, I have recently ditches 100 points of magic items in my Empire Horde, and now want to know what you guys think should be included for those points.

The army is 2250 points (well, 1150 right now...) and consists of two units of handgunners, two cannons, four units of spearmen with free company detachments, one unit of flagellants and one of greatswords with swordsmen detachment. For heroes I have a bsb and a Wizard Lord.

I am now thinking about what to add, and I'm choosing between the following:

12 archers (96 points)

A warrior priest with heavy armour and great weapon (102 points)

A level two wizard (100 points)

If any of you guys have any other tips, just let me know, but remember that the point of the army is to be a horde (currently at 245 models) and yet have good shooting and magic.

If you have any thoughts on the army as a whole or any ideas on how I should change it, please tell me that too!

the blind knight
02-02-2007, 13:43
a warrior priest with spearmen

02-02-2007, 17:57
You don't think it's better used with the greatswords if taken?

03-02-2007, 01:39
Well right now at 2000+ You've got only 5 dispeldice, which could be alright, but I find with magic it's an all or nothing thing. Both the wizard, and the priest help by giving you another dispel dice, and can throw out "spells" making your opponent use up his dispel dice or scrolls so more of your lords spells can get through. The question is, do you want to be throwing out more spells making your opponent worry about the magic phase, or adding in a character that will make a unit that much more deadly.

For my 2 cents Canadain, I'd say go with the wizard, you've got enough fighty things aready, It's better to be good a few different phases in WFB.

03-02-2007, 02:36
How about a unit of huntsmen? It gets the body count up and restricting the enemy's march/giving them something near their deployment zone to think about, might compensate for your lack of mobility?

They add a little bit of shooting of course and every now and then they're capable of mugging something weak in combat. They're amazingly adept at kicking skinks around like midgets if they don't get poisoned to death. :p

03-02-2007, 05:58
The Rod of Power might be a worthwhile choice if you end up taking a magic item. It allows you to save your unused magic- or dispel dice (most of the time), for 30 points. With the other 70 points I'd buy a dispel scroll for 25 points (there's always something that really has to go away with no dice rolls to mess it up) and a war banner on the Greatswords for 25 points (to get their CR up without having to pay for another expensive rank). If they already have the BSB you can add him to your larger spearman unit.
That leaves you with 20 points, which might be a barded warhorse for the BSB (14 pionts, and 2 better armour save), an upgrade from free company detachments to halberds (or archers as a skirmishing shield) for one or more of your units, a Powerstone for your Wizard Lord, etc.

03-02-2007, 19:42
I'd go the warrior priest. There great models with great abilities.

Von Wibble
03-02-2007, 20:26
Look at the 3 points of your army. Horde, shooting, magic.

Archers - add models and shooting. But I feel that they are better used as spoiler units and you have free company for this job. A unit of 12 is also unwieldy -better off using 2 units of 6 (you have spare detachment choices so this is legal). A fair option but not necessary imo.

Wizard. A wizard lord doesn't give sufficient magic alone imo. 6 power dice will get 1 spell through every other turn against even a weak defnce. Against my high elves you'd be lucky to get 1 spell all game (apart from irresistable of course). You NEED the wizard to get good magic.

Warrior priest. Augments 1 unit. But in a horde this is not so useful as there is less of a focal point on the unit containing the priest and therefore less effect given. Nice as the dispel dice is a wizard gives this anyway.

Option 4 - pistoliers. An essential unit in any army yet you don't have them. Why? They have better shooting than teh archer unit, cost less, and are faster. OK they die quicker, but they frustrate...

Summary. Get the wizard or 5 pistoliers. Or ditch a cannon and get both.

04-02-2007, 18:00
You could add 2 captains for about 125 points, adding to your combat power in 2 of your spear regiments. A Captain w/ plate and halberd is cheap, yet rather effective. You could go w/ plate and shield for even more protection.

04-02-2007, 18:21
Thanks for all the input guys, I tried having a warrior priest today, and to be frank, he did not do much good.

I'm still thinking of having a level 2 wizard or a unit of huntsmen (or two of archers), but it seems as though I will go for the wizard.

If I add the wizard, do you guys think I should try to free up points for one more, to have a really strong magic phase with a level 4 and two level 2 wizards?

Note: I already have one dispel scroll, and a barded steed for the standard, sorry about not writing that.