View Full Version : 2000points of Lizardmen

02-02-2007, 12:31
have been trying a 2nd Gen list (which you may or may not have seen on the boards for review, and felt it was too many eggs in on basket and Ive just got some new terradons and would like to try them out, anyways , heres the new list comment, criticas etc all welcome:

4th generation Slann
Plaque of Protection
Plaque of tepok
Battle Standard Bearer
Totem of Prophecy

Skink priest
Level 2
Cube of Darkness
Mark of the Old Ones

Skink Chief
Cloak of Feathers
Additional Hand Weapon
Enchanted Shield
light armour

Saurus Scar veteran
charm of the Jaguar Warrior
Great weapon
Light Armour
Sacred Spawnings of Tlazcotl and Quetzl

10 Skinks
Javellins and Shields

10 Skinks
Blowpipes, Scout

16 Temple Guard
Shields Full Comamnd

3 Kroxigor

3 Kroxigor

3 Terradons

2 Salamanders

2000 points spot on