View Full Version : 2250 Empire to face Orcses

02-02-2007, 12:37
My first attempt at Empire... I know the Misfire Volley Gun sucks, I just want to try it... anyways comments are more than welcome...

w/ Full Plate, Shield, Sword of Sigismund, Holy Relic
Captain Battle Standard Bearer
w/ Griffon Banner, Full Plate Armour
Warrior Priest
w/ Van Horstmann's Speculum, Heavy Armour, Shield, Two-Handed Hammer
Battle Wizard Level 2
w/ Ring of Volans, Dispel Scroll

Note - I have both shield and great weapon with the Warrior Priest cause if there is no chance for a challengce, he can use the +2S but in a challengce i want to keep his lousy stats, and instead give him better armour save.

26 Spearmen
w/ full commmand
Detahced - 10 helbardiers
Detached - 8 handgunners
26 Swordsmen
w/ full comand
Detached - 10 helbardiers
Detached - 8 archers
10 Crossbowmen
w/ no command
15 Greatswords
w/ full command and warbanner
Detahced - 7 Helbardiers
Detahced - 7 Helbardiers
6 Outriders
w/ full command - standard, champ got grenade lunching blunderbluss
Great Cannon
Helblaster Volley Gun
Steam Tank

03-02-2007, 02:00
Ok, lets see. IMO it is a standard and rather hard/booring one (but that may just be me seeing how my HE got their asses kicked by four similar armies at a tourney last summer).

The BSB is not well protected, 4+ save is not enough and he is likely to catch many attacks since people will fear that he might cary the Griffon banner.

As for the rest I think it is ok. THe extra detetchments are going to be a headache for your opponent as long as you use them as charge deniers. The Warrior Priest + Mage combo is not going to be liked.

And STanks are generaly not well liked, as well as Hellblasters.

03-02-2007, 05:15
As to the BSB's protection, I agree, but it's luckily easily solved: put the guy on a barded warhorse. For +14 points he now has a 2+ armour save.

03-02-2007, 11:40
I am not an empire player, but against orcs i assume that you would need a bit more artillary, maybe drop the steam tank for some more heavy artillary. Perhaps think about dropping one of your charachters for some more spearmen?

03-02-2007, 13:31
I lost big time... Steam Tank was impossible to touch (never gonna play with that again, boring), he charge my detachments and fanatics + Waargh spell on my main unit, so it had no ranks (griffon banner wasted :)), my great cannon misfired in turn 1, couldn't do anything before turn 3, misfire volley gun misfired in turn 1, no shots, turn 2, 12 shots, no wounds!, turn 3; 18 shots, 2 wounds... Never wanna see that thing again. Mortar blew itself up in turn 1, steam tank cannon killed a hero in turn 1 (failed look out sir, yes!)... but pretty much failed everything, and the only thing remaining was the untouchable steam tank... I was also a fool, though my outriders had pistols, so I moved them in turn 1... no shooting... Idiot...
Anyways, was VERY unlucky and had no idear what I was doing, but the steam tanks is just reducilous...