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the blind knight
02-02-2007, 13:41
HoudyTo keep thing short and simple.Here is my army list.Please help me improve it.

holy relic
ennchanted shield
aword of power

barded warhorse
full plate armor
griffon banner

armor of meteoric iron
great wepon

level 2
2x dispel scroll

2o flagelants
prophet of doom

19 swordsmen detachment:8 handgunners
full comand

19 spearmen detachment:8 handgunners
full comand

23 greatswords detachment:5 archers
full comand
griffon banner


great cannon

great cannon

3x maneaters
great wepons
heavy armor

TACICS:Bunker!!!!!.Ogres left flank,Flagiies right,Greatswords midle and between them the spearmen,swordsmen and warmachines.

02-02-2007, 14:21
Where are the flaggelants??

the blind knight
02-02-2007, 14:25
Ther.I adeed the flagies

02-02-2007, 20:18
Looks solid, I like more mobility. I don't know anything about the ogers so I wont adress them. Nice unets sizes.
The griffion has a nice big target on him seeing as there is nothing els outstanding and impressive to shoot at, also he will be alone on any attack since he is the only highly moble unit. this would be a concern to me. i love the griffen but he can be a real gamble. an army like this is pretty much a let them come to me game. the griffin is a go get them critter. If he survives he can be great to take out mages and war machines and such.

You might consider dropping a cannon and a couple greatswords for a bare bone unit of 5 knights. but as i said looks prety solid to me.

02-02-2007, 22:54
flagellants rock. how much do 20 cost? Pts?

03-02-2007, 05:27
Although an unbreakable unit has obvious potential, I've had bad luck with them. There's only so much you can shield, and the flagellants have no armour save at all. Really a bit too vulnerable to shooting for my taste, given their point cost. By the time they see close combat, they may well have lost half their numbers.

Now, in 6th edition, they at least had T4. That made a bit of a difference (although I wasn't too keen on them even then, but that is probably due to my natural dislike of rank and file soldiers that are 10+ points apiece).

If you use them though (and they are still a decent tar pit unit if you have some terrain around to shield you from the worst of the shooting), get rid of that unit champion. I really doubt that they'll end up killing many models, with or without him... Their job is to stick like glue to an enemy unit more expensive than they are and survive until you can flank charge them.